Sasural Simar Ka 24th December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Simar Coming Inside The Secluded Factory Or Some Haveli. She Thinks Aarav Ji, I Trust You The Most Than Anyone Else In This World And Today You Will See It. She Is About To Push The Big Door And Gets Inside, When Her Dupatta Gets Stuck In The Door. She Frees It And Opens The Door. Avinash Calls Samar And Asks Where Are They? Samar Says Simar Is With Him, They Came Out To Talk Something. Avinash Says It Is Late Night, You Can Talk At Home. Samar Says Ok, They Will Come Soon. Indu Tells Avinash That Roma Called And Said That Gagan Is Not There. Roma Calls Gagan And Informs Lalit That He Is Not Picking The Call. Vivaan Tells Reema That He Is Feeling Bad For Mom Today. Reema Thinks How To Make You Understand That You Can Believe On The Runaway Criminal Once, But Not Your Mom. Roma Calls Reema And Asks Did You Talk To Gagan? She Says He Didn’t Reach Home Yet. Reema Gets Shocked And Informs Vivaan. She Calls Gagan And Asks Vivaan If His Family Members Have Done Bad With Him. Vivaan Says Nothing Will Happen To Gagan And He Goes. Reema Thinks She Had Told Gagan Not To Interfere In Aarav And Simar’s Matter.

Aarav Comes To Yamini’s House And Looks At The Place Where Simar Used To Do Riyaaz. Yamini Asks Him To Sit. Aarav Says Simar Understands His Heart And Feelings And Thanks Yamini For Giving Him Courage And Hope. Simar Says Aarav Ji, I Have Come Here. She Asks If You Believe Me Now. Aarav Says I Will Protect Simar More Than My Own Life. Mohit Comes There And Closes The Door. Simar Thinks Aarav Ji Is There.

Yamini Asks Aarav To Change His Behavior If He Really Wants To Get Simar. He Says Don’t Think Of Love As A War And Says Love Gets Successful When It Is Worshipped. She Tells That If Persons’ Intentions Are Right, But Way Is Wrong Then He Becomes Wrong. She Says There Is Nothing Wrong In Your Intentions, But The Way To Keep Your Words Is Wrong. She Asks Him To Win With Love, Patience, Etc. He Says I Didn’t Understand. She Says First Handle Yourself And Do As I Say. He Agrees. Simar Thinks There Is Something Wrong, Aarav Ji Can’t Call Me Here, I Have To Leave From Here At The Earliest. She Then Sees Someone Standing There Holding The Rope In His Hand. She Asks Who Is There? Mohit Thanks Her For Trusting Him And Says Trust Me, Tonight Will Be Beautiful Night For Us. Simar Says Stay Away From Me. Mohit Ties Her Hands. Simar Gets Scared. Mohit Says I Will Not Leave You Even For The God. He Asks Her To Forget How Did You Get Aarav’s Message Etc And Asks Her To Concentrate On The Moment And Him. Simar Says Let Me Go. Mohit Says I Have To Thank You For The Gifts Which You Have Given Me, Your Saas And Your Husband Gave Me. He Says Your Ex Husband Beaten Me And Made Me Leave The City, But He Filled Gun Powder In My Intentions Which Will Blast On You. Simar Says Your Thoughts Are Dirty. Mohit Says I Feel Good When You Say Such Things And Says If You Let Me Do What I Want, Then The Calculations Will Be Settled Between The Both Families, I Will Forgive Aarav For His Mistakes And Says Third Advantage Is That I May Get Bored Of You And Let You Go. He Says Nobody Will Come Searching You. Just Then They Hear Someone Shouting Simar. Simar Thinks Aarav Came.

Aarav Comes To The Avinash’s House. Avinash Says You Came Again, And Asks If He Didn’t Have Any Shame Left. Yamini Comes There And Introduces Herself. Indu Asks Why Did You Come Again. Yamini Says I Came For Important Work, And Brought Aarav To Talk To You. She Says Can We Sit And Talk. She Says Don’t Worry, I Regard Simar As My Daughter And Don’t Want Her Bad. She Asks Them To Hear Aarav Once. Avinash Says It Is Late Night. Aarav Asks Papa Ji, Did You Think Me As Strange And Asks Them To Listen To Him, For The Love And Respect Which They Had Given Him Before. Avinash And Indu Get Inside. Aarav Gets Inside With Yamini. He Yearns To See Simar Once To Get Some Peace. Indu Says Simar Is Not At Home, She Went Out With Her Fiancé. He Gets Angry. Yamini Signs Him To Calm Down. Aarav Sits On Sofa And Says You Said Right, That I Should Have Raised My Voice And Take A Stand For Simar. He Says He Is Guilty Of Simar And Can’t Compensate For Whatever Wrong Happen With Her. He Asks Them To Give Him A Chance, And Calls Indu As Maa. He Says You Had Kept Your Hand On My Head And Regarded Me As Son. He Asks Them To Give Him Life And Pleads Infront Of Her. Avinash Keeps Hand On His Head And Says I Trust You Aarav. Aarav Gets Happy. Avinash Says Only You Can Make Everything Fine, Once You Go Away From Simar And Her Life. Aarav Gets Up And Asks What Are You Saying Papa Ji? Avinash Says Everything Will Be Fine. He Says Your Family Has Poisoned My Daughter’s Life That It Will Take Years To Heal. He Says He Don’t Want To Send Her There Again And Says Nothing Normal Can Happen Again Between The Both Families. He Requests Him, To Forget Simar, If He Regarded Him As His Father Ever. He Says Free Me Aarav. Indu Says Both Families Have To Pay For Your Union With Simar. Aarav Says The Family Which Have Snatched My Simar From Me. He Goes To The Dining Table And Serves Paratha In His Plate And Vegetable Curry In The Bowl. He Then Starts Eating The Food And Gets Up After Finishing It, Surprising Yamini, Indu And Avinash. He Comes To Them And Tries To Touch Indu’s Feet. She Backs Off. He Touches The Ground And Then Tries To Touch Avinash’s Feet, He Also Backs Off. Aarav Says Papa Ji, Maa….Simar Is Just Mine And I Will Not Let Her Marry Someone Else, This Is My Promise To You. He Says Food Was Tasty Like Always. He Says I Will Leave And Walks Out.

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