Sasural Simar Ka 2: Will Sandhya support Gajender’s decision?

Colors TV’s newly launched show “Sasural Simar Ka 2” has gathered a huge amount of viewers since its launch. Its gripping storyline filled with twists and turns makes it an engaging watch. Oswal’s family will accept Simar as a new family member? We’ll see how Simar fares with them.

As we saw in the previous episode, Gajender told the Narayan family about Samar’s proposal, and they were thrilled, but Avinash asked Gajender if he could speak with him privately. As Gajender told Avinash, he wanted Simar to be happy since he couldn’t help her when she left his house and everything happened right in front of him but he couldn’t do anything about it.

Avinash asked Indu why he was thinking so much. Avinash was also convinced by Reema and Roma because they explained that living alone is hard. She tried to tell Avinash something, but he stopped her and said not to interfere since Simar had faced everything due to her alone last time. Also, Vivaan stopped Reema and took her with him. Vivaan was worried, wondering who told Gajender to take such a decision and how he knew about Samar. But Reema changed the subject and told him everything happened for good and that he should not reveal it.

Gajender and Sandhya also came home back. Sandhya told Gajender that his son was dying every day because of his mother’s decision. Gajender replied that he knew everything and that he could not see his children suffer. He wanted Aimar to settle down in her life for this reason, and Sandhya also supported him.

Avinash assured Samar that he would take care of Simar and treat her with the dignity and respect she deserved. Simar wasn’t aware of the proposal, and Avinash wanted to ask for her opinion before taking any decision. Aarav was secretly watching Simar.

In the upcoming episode, we will see Avinash tell Simar that Gajender asked her hand for Samar today. Simar was shocked when he told her. Meanwhile, Aarav arrives at Samar’s home.

Is Samar ready to marry Simar?

Will Simar accept Samar’s proposal?

Will Aarav fight with Samar?

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