Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th December 2021 Written Update: Chitra wants to kill Geetanjali

Aarav comes to his house at the beginning of the episode. Sandhya gets happy seeing him and informs Geetanjali that Aarav has come home. Later, Sandhya asks Aarav where was he. Geetanjali asks him to answer this. Aarav says that he wanted to be alone so he did not come home. Saying this he leaves from there. While Geetanjali advises Sandhya to pay attention to Aarav’s actions.

Here Chitra asks Mohit for his plan. Mohit tells her that he wants to kill Aarav by entering his house. His father tells him not to do such a thing as Geetanjali is a very powerful woman who will not remain calm if something happens to Aarav. Mohit says if so then they should first destroy Geetanjali. Chitra agrees with him. She feels that they should first kill Geetanjali and then Aarav.

Just then Raj comes there and asks her not to do such things. Chitra says that she does not like his mother at all and she really wants her to die. While Raj explains to her that if something happens to Geetanjali, Gajendra will not remain silent due to which he may suffer. He advises her that first they should go to Oswal House and make a good image of themselves. And after that, they will attack the Oswal family. Chitra understands his point.

Yamini asks Simar if she really wants to marry Samar. She answers yes. Yamini understands that there is a reason behind Simar doing this and she asks her to tell the truth. Then only Indu brings tea for Yamini. Yamini complains to her that why she did not tell her about Simar’s marriage. Just then Tea falls from Simar’s hand and Indu taunts her.

Here Aarav sees that Simar’s mangalsutra is missing. He gets restless and starts searching for the mangalsutra. He feels that maybe he has left that mangalsutra at Yamini’s house. On the other hand, Yamini explains to Indu that both Aarav and Simar are heartbroken due to which they are in a lot of pain. While Indu does not want to listen to her. Yamini leaves from there disappointed. Samar is shocked to see Yamini at Simar’s house and feels that she has chosen Aarav.

Yamini tries to convince him that he is thinking wrong but Samar refuses to listen to her. Yamini gets sad. Later Reema comes to meet Simar. She tells Simar that Aarav was about to move on but since she had come home to meet him because of which he went crazy. And yesterday his life was in danger. Here Aarav is searching for mangalsutra at Yamini’s house. Yamini comes there and says that she will help Simar and him.

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