Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th March 2022 Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Aarav plans a dinner date for Simar. Simar gets shocked seeing all this. Simar says the food must have been cold so she is going to heat it. Aarav says that he is feeling very hungry so they should start eating food. Aarav tells Simar that she has not prepared this food then this food will not be so tasty but if she feeds it with her own hands then the taste may increase.

Simar asks Aarav why he is doing all this. Aarav does not understand her point. Simar asks him why is he pretending to be in love when he hates her. Aarav says that she should not get angry on food. Simar says that she is not angry but in pain. Aarav remembers his words and says that she should not repeat all these things. Simar says that these things are so painful that she cannot even repeat it.

She makes it clear that he should not wait for her for dinner. Aarav asks her if she doesn’t like it. Simar says that there is no use in doing all this when he hates her. Aarav says that this is confusing because one moment he is happy to see her while the next moment he remembers that she helped his father’s attacker. Simar says that only she knows what the truth is and if he doesn’t want to believe her then she can’t do anything about it.

The next morning Simar performs puja in the temple. She gives Geetanjali her coffee. Aarav comes to her and says that he wants to ask her something. Geetanjali says that he also wants to ask her that how can Simar be so disloyal. Aarav refuses and asks if she misunderstood Gagan that day. Geetanjali refuses and tells him that Gagan had a gun in his hand and had attacked Gajendra with it.

Geetanjali says that Simar is only trying to save her brother. But soon Gajendra will be cured and then the truth will also come in front of everyone. Simar comes to Raj’s room and asks him why did he call her here. He gives her Gajendra’s medicine. Simar is going to Gajendra’s room. Sandhya says that she will give this medicine to Gajendra, till then she will make soup for him. Simar says fine.

She is about to leave when Reema comes there and tells Simar that she wants her help. Simar says that she cannot help her as she has a lot of work in the house and then she has to go for Riyaz as well. Reema is shocked to hear this. She asks her to hide this thing from everyone. Further Reema tells Aarav that she and Simar are going to the market. Aarav says okay. Later Simar and Reema leave the house. Here Samar comes to Yamini’s house. She gets happy seeing him.

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