Sasural Simar Ka 1st February 2022 Written Update

Simar Feeling Emotional Seeing Blessed By Sandhya. Reema Comes There And Tells That She Has Arranged Khichdi For The Guests. Sandhya Asks Simar To Serve The Khichdi Made At Home. Aditi Says Special Khichdi Made By Simar And Renovated By Sandhya’s Tadka Will Be Served To The Guests. Vivaan Appreciates Simar. Badi Maa Tells Gajendra That Guests Has To Wait For The Khichdi And Tells That She Will Not Bear Her Any Moment, And Will Throw Her Out Of The House. Aarav Gets Sad. Just Then Simar, Vivaan And Aditi Bring The Khichdi Utensil There Shocking Badi Maa. Aarav Tells Simar That She Is A Super Woman, A Perfect Homemaker And He Is The Lucky Husband. Sandhya Goes Behind Reema And Says You Have Increased The Flame Of The Stove, So That Khichdi Gets Burnt. She Says I Wouldn’t Have Told You, If You Had Stopped, But Now I Have To Tell Vivaan That His Wife Wants To Break The House Peace And Wants Her Sister To Be Thrown Out Of The House. Reema Is Shocked. Simar Asks Everyone To Have The Bhoj/Khichdi Made With 7 Ann. Giriraj And Gajendra Go To Badi Maa To Call Her. They Ask Badi Maa To Come And Have Food. Gajendra Says Come. Simar Smiles Seeing Badi Maa Coming There. Badi Maa Sits To Have Khichdi. Simar Serves Khichdi To Her. Badi Maa Stops Her From Serving Further. Aarav Helps Simar.

Sandhya Does The Aarti Of Mata Rani And Says Someone Said Right. She Thanks Her And Asks Her To Keep Her Family Blessed. Badi Maa Is About To Taste The Khichdi. Simar Gets Worried. Vivaan Stops Badi Maa And Apologizes, Reminding Her Of Her Promise That She Will Make The Winner Eat Bhog With Her Hand In Silver Bowl. He Asks Aarav To Come. Chitra Says He Will Make Them Patch Up. Jatin Says First Bite Is Of The Winner And Then It Is Our Turn Badimaa. Badi Maa Looks On. Vivaan Brings Khichdi In Silver Bowl With Silver Spoon In It. Badi Maa Is About To Make Aarav Eat The Khichdi First. Aarav Is About To Eat And Says One Second. He Goes To Simar And Holds Her Hand. Badi Maa Gets Upset And Get Up. She Says I Do This Rasam With My Family Members And Not With Outsiders. She Asks Everyone To Start Having The Food. Aarav Asks Her To Give Them Prize Thinking Them As The Servants, And Says It Is Oswal Family’s Rule. Giriraj Asks Badi Maa To Give The Prize To The Servants, And Gives 100 Rs In Her Hand. Badi Maa Asks Aarav To Keep The Money.

Simar Takes The Money From His Hand And Keeps On Her Eyes. She Tells That It Is Not Just Money, But Badi Maa’s Blessings And Our Small Victory To Win Our Family Members’ Heart. Badi Maa Asks The Guests To Have The Food And Says I Am Sure That This Drama Will Stop In Somedays. Shobha Calls Badi Maa And Asks What About The Second Promise, And Reminds That You Have Promised To Give The Winner, A Necklace Along With Gold Coin. Badi Maa Says It Needs Good Destiny And Asks Them To Search The Gold Coin In The Laddoo. The Ladies Couldn’t Find Anything. Shobha Thinks I Have Gold Coin. The Lady Praises Simar’s Khichdi. Sandhya Calls Simar And Asks Her To Take Prasad. Simar Asks Her To Bless Her First. Sandhya Keeps Hand On Her Head And Blesses Her. Aarav Gets Happy. Simar Thanks Her And Says Everyone Liked Khichdi. Other Lady Also Praises The Khichdi. Sandhya Asks Simar To Take The Ladoo From The Plate And Gives It In Her Hand. Shobha Asks Chitra, Shall I Break The Laddoo. Chitra Says Nobody Shall Know That I Helped You. Shobha Says I Got The Coin. Chitra Says Break It First. Shobha Breaks And Says There Is Nothing In It. Badi Maa Asks Did You Get It? Shobha Says She Didn’t Get. Badi Maa Says Whoever Intention Is Good And Have A Good Heart Will Get It And Also The Necklace Worth Lakhs. Aditi Asks Reema To Check. Reema Checks, But She Didn’t Get It. Simar Opens Her Laddoo And Finds The Coin In It. Aditi Says Got It. Badi Maa Says I Had Told That Only Good Destiny Person Will Get. Aditi Says Simar Bhabhi Got It. Badi Maa Is Shocked.

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