Sasural Simar Ka 1st February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Aditi tells that the coin has been found and sees that Simar gets it. Badi Maa tells Shobha that this is a good destination, our Aditi got the gold coin. Aditi does not say I, but Simar Bhabhi got the coin. Simar looks at Sandhya, as she had given her the laddoo. Sandhya remembers that Chitra made laddoo with both colors of sesame and replaced it with the other sesame laddoo with both colors. FB is coming to an end. Aditi asks Simar to come forward and receive the prize for her good intentions and fate. Simar stoops to receive Badi Maa’s blessings, but the latter backs away. Simar touches the floor where she was standing. Badi Maa takes the necklace and looks at Simar. She remembers having to wear her necklace when she picked her for Aarav. Aarav smiles as he looks at Sandhya and Simar. She then remembers Simar’s confession of love and keeps the necklace on her hand. She asks what do you want in exchange for this win. Simar thanks her and tells that she doesn’t want this necklace, and says who has a valuable family what she will do with this necklace worth lakhs. She says if you want to give me something, forgive Maharaj ji and others, and call them back. She apologizes from her heart and says, swear on Mata Rani, I just want this.

Simar and Aarav go to Maharaj ji’s house. Maharaj ji is surprised and tries to touch their feet. Simar stops him. They go inside and see Badi Maa’s picture frame there. Maharaj ji makes them sit after placing the sheet. Maharaj ji’s wife brings the plate of food. Aarav says we will have it from the same board and tells Simar about Vivaan and him. Simar tells Maharaj ji that the food is delicious. She says I hurt Badi maa and apologized. She apologizes to them and asks them to return for work. Aarav says Badi Maa is as soft as a coconut inside. Simar asks Maharaj ji if he wants to come. He says yes.

Chitra looks at Vivaan Oswal’s suit and says it’s perfect. Giriraj comes there and says that Vivaan will look good. Chitra says our dream will come true. Giriraj says he feels he will become CEO today. Chitra says I can understand. Giriraj says the family will be kept at a distance in our favor. Chitra says that Simar and Sandhya are getting back together and tells that she will develop hatred between them.

Simar and Aarav walk across the road after coming out of Maharaj ji’s house. He gets a call from Lalit who asks him to come with him to find the job and give the interview. Aarav says okay. Simar says I’ll do the work if it’s needed. Aarav says that for now you have big responsibilities and after that you should pursue your passion for singing. He says it is difficult to chase in Oswal Mansion, but we will come up with a solution. Simar looks at Indu who is standing and smiling. Indu looks at them angrily. Aarav and Simar fold their hands.

Avinash’s friend and daughter Radhika come there. Aarav and Simar look at them. Indu greets them and takes them inside. Aarav asks Simar if everything is okay with her. Simar says I’m fine. Indu looks at Simar and Aarav and closes the door. Avinash becomes happy to see Mahesh and Radhika. Indu asks them to sit down. Gagan talks to Aditi and says that our superhero Simar Badi convinced maa to call Maharaj ji back. Aditi says yes, and says she doesn’t know how to convince the family for them. Says Gagan, if they are convinced? He says he’s going to talk to his mom and dad and says he can’t think of another girl. At that moment Indu comes there with Radhika. Gagan ends the call. Indu introduces Gagan and Radhika to each other. She asks Gagan to help her. Avinash asks Mahesh for assurance and says that Radhika can study here.

Sandhya thinks what to do, I’ll tell Vivaan and thinks she should tell him to stop Reema. Vivaan comes down, while Reema comes after him. Chitra also comes down. Sandhya calls Vivaan. Vivaan says yes Tai ji. Chitra asks what’s up, Reema, that your makeup lightened early in the morning. Reema says that Tai ji saw me put salt in the khichdi.

Sandhya tells Vivaan to talk to him. Badi maa says today is his first day. Sandhya says I won’t take much time, but the case is big. Vivaan asks to tell her. Sandhya says I’ve never said anything behind anyone’s back and so this time I’ll say it in front of everyone. Vivaan and Badi maa ask her to say. Chitra says how can bhabhi say clearly, and says it’s the girl’s business, so she hesitates. Sandhya is surprised. Chitra says it’s not easy to expose the daughter or bahu of the house. She says I can’t leave Sandhya Jiji at the moment. Badi maa asks what is going on? Chitra says I’ll show you. She says look what our Aditi and Simar’s brother are doing together. She plays their video on the TV. Everyone sees Gagan and Aditi together in the room. Badi maa, Sandhya, Gajendra and others are startled.

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