Sasural Simar Ka 11th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Aditi reaches the cliff and looks at the water. She remembers Gagan’s words and is about to fall off the cliff. shouts Simar Aditi. Someone holds Aditi’s hand and moves her back. Aditi looks at her. Sandhya thinks Aditi is in the bathroom and asks her for something to eat. She asks if you are inside, looks inside and finds her not there. She thinks where has she gone? The woman who saved her asked her why she was trying to give her life for a man who had betrayed her. Aditi tells me what to do, I can’t marry a man, I haven’t seen it. She says my love was true and I can’t marry anyone else. The woman says you will not marry against your wishes, I understand. She says I am with you in this decision and asks if anyone knows you are here. Aditi says no one. Simar searches Aditi and thinks where has she gone? She says if anyone finds out, there will be a big problem. She gets Sandhya’s call and picks it up. Simar says hello. Sandhya asks where you both are? Simar says I took her to the salon to improve her mood. Sandhya asks her to come back in 2 hours and says that Mayank and his family will come at 9 pm. Simar says ok. She’s still looking for Aditi. Aditi asks the woman if she really wants to help her. The woman says yes and says I want to help you because my story is like your story somewhere. Simar calls Aditi. Aditi gets up and tries to go to Simar. She’s looking for her. The woman comes after Aditi and is about to inject her. Aditi turns to her. The woman gives her an injection and holds her. Simar watches the woman who kidnaps Aditi from the other side of the cliff. The woman takes Aditi to the van and leaves. Simar couldn’t see Aditi’s face and wondered what had happened there. She thinks how can Aditi get here? The van moves away from Simar when she sees Aditi unconscious in the van and is startled. She calls and asks the van to stop and runs after it. She takes the car and sits in it.

Aditi is in a trance. The woman says you will not be conscious or unconscious, you will be my puppet. She says the effect of the injection will go away within an hour, but whatever I will do to you in this one hour, the effect will not go away for a lifetime. Aditi hears her and says Simar bhabhi. The woman says no one is coming, I am everything to you. Aditi says Simar bhabhi. Simar asks the motorist to follow the car and finds the car missing from the road. She asks the motorist to stop and thinks where has the car gone? The motorist asks for money and goes. Simar pays him money and runs. She reaches the red light district and sees a prostitute who berates the man for running out of money. The man says I’ll bring the money and goes. Simar doesn’t like this place and sees the car there, says Aditi in the brothel. She thinks to call Aarav and finds the battery empty. She thinks I have to save Aditi anyway. She’s thinking how to get in?

She sees the clothes hanging there and wears them. The guards open the gate and let her in, assuming she is the man. The woman who kidnapped Aditi is the head of the brothel, and asks the guards and Servants to work well, since the owner is coming today. She says if that girl is ready and going. Thinking if she is talking about Aditi, Simar asks Mata Rani to help her. She thinks everyone should be concerned at home. She follows the woman as she walks in.

Badi maa asks Gajendra to call Dilip and ask where they came from? She says the Mahurat wedding will start in an hour. Sandhya prays to God to send Aditi and Simar back home. The brother girl makes sure Aditi gets ready. The woman says I will change your life and puts lipstick on her. She goes. Simar enters the room and sees Aditi. She asks Aditi if she is okay and finds her in a trance. She wonders what happened to her and sprinkles water on her. She says your Bhabhi has come. She finds the pin there and thinks she must do this to bring her to consciousness. She pierces a pin in her hand to bring her to consciousness and says this place is very dangerous, we need to get out of here. The guard comes there and asks if you didn’t know that men are not allowed here, and asks her to leave. Simar comes out and sees Rana ji (Mohit’s father) while the head of the brothel ordered Malik. She scares.

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