Sasural Genda Phool 2 9th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update – Telly Dunia

Titli returns home with torn clothes and vents her anger on Nimbu and Soda. They ask what happened to her. She says she stole and was about to get caught, but narrowly escaped. Surprised she’s never been caught before, she suggests to Nimbu and Mirchi to be careful. They ask when she taught them to study and not steal, why not stop stealing herself. They advise her to stop stealing and get a job as they don’t want her in jail or in danger because she is their only family.

Family gathers around Ishan and says they want to talk about Titli. Ishan says he broke up with Titli because they don’t like her. Dadaji says they see love for Titli and have decided to let him marry Titli. Ishan is shocked to hear that. The family says that while Titli is imperfect, she is the perfect match for him, as he loves her and she loves him. Ishan says Titli must agree too. They say he should go and tell Titli this good news. Startled, Ishan walks to his room. They all laugh at Ishan’s plight and discuss that Ishan lied to family and kept them in the dark, so he deserves this shock.

The next morning, Ishan walks up to Dadaji and says he was born and bought while holding Dadaji’s hand and will never break up. Dadaji says he can’t spend the rest of his life holding Dadaji’s pajamas and that he should grow up, they think it’s okay if he switches. Ishan gets more tense and walks out. Daadi laughs and praises Dadaji’s acting and informs everyone about it. Ishan then walks to Rano’s room. Meethi informs everyone that Ishan is in Rano’s room. Ishan asks Rano if she is happy with the wedding because she hates Titli. Ishika enters instead of searching her dupatta and says that maa is very happy. Growing tense, Ishan meets Titli and announces that the whole family is ready for their wedding. Titli is also shocked to hear that.

Precap: Titli doubts Ishan’s family learned about their drama and questions her drunken father, who agrees that he informed Inder about it.

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