Sasural Genda Phool 2 7th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Ishaan, He notices Alok reading newspaper he wish to start an conversation with him but Alok ignored him. Rano comes there taking her luggage Ishaan enquires to her where is she going morning itself? Rano ignored him and announces to all she won’t stay with a thief in this house, so she is leaving from this house. Family members get shock to hear it. Ishaan pleads with Rano to don’t leave and requested Alok to stop her somehow? Ishaan asks to Rano where will she go leaving her house? Rano share to him that many people are loving her and doing things for her she will go there. It’s better to stay in street then here! Rajini and Ishika plead with her to don’t leave. Alok bursts out at him and said to him he made this mess so he can’t able to do anything in it. Rano complained to Ishaan that he didn’t listen to her words and brought that thief to this house and made her daughter in law of this family. Rano stopped seeing Ambarnath there.

Ambarnath folded his hands in front of Rano and says everything went out of their hands! He is not gonna blame anyone here but it’s an family. They might learn to forgive each other to lead this family happily. He advised to Rano and plead with her to don’t leave. Rano questioned him what will she do in this? She demanded him to give one solution to her problem. Ambarnath share to her she is thinking as an mom and not giving heed to others feelings. He adds to her that Ishaan saved one girl life? He done a big thing she might be proud of her upbringing instead of crying like this. He questions Rano Is she doubt her upbringing wrong? Rano denies it. Ishaan pleads with her to don’t leave. Rano goes inside taking her luggage. Ishaan hugs Ambarnath and cries his heart out.

Titlee noticed this all from upstairs and thinks she is the reason for everything happening here. Ishaan comes there and cries his heart out. He shares his grief to Titlee and tell her family members are not understanding his feelings. He add to her he tried his best to make them understand but they are not giving heed to him and ignoring him. Titlee felt bad hearing it. Ishaan notices it and tell her she don’t need to take anything to her heart. Everything happening here just because of him he was the reason for their anger she don’t need to worry about it and leaves.

Shailaja calls Rano to take dinner with them. Rano is angry on her and refused to eat with her hand. Ishika served food in plate, Disha asks to her where is she taking this food? Ishika informs to them that Titlee didn’t eat anything from morning. They shouldn’t treat her in this way that’s why she is taking food to her. Shailaja appreciated her. Rano cries thinking about it Ishaan gives water to her. Rano notices the sarie in shopping bag in his hand she throws the glass down in anger and leaves. Ishaan gives sarie to Titlee and share to her Shailaja gifted this to her. He about to sleep out she stops him.

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