Sasural Genda Phool 2 7th January 2022 Written Update

Ishan Reminds Titli Of Their Deal That She Will Not Steal Until She Finishes His Work. She Says She Is Not Steal, Its Her Friend’s House Who Is Busy At Work And Hence She Is Shifting Her Furniture. He Asks If Her Friend Stays Here. She Asks Can’t Poor Have Rich Friends. He Asks Why Is She Wearing Designer Clothes. She Says She Is Bought It From Chor Bazaar. He Says She Is Looking Laal Kabootar/Red Pigeon. She Forces Him To Help Labors And Demands Her Money. He Says He Brought Part Installment And Says Her Lie About Her Father In Jail Worked And His Family Will Definitely Reject Her. She Demands Him To Give His Money First. He Says He Needs To Visit Bathroom First And Asks Where Is It. She Says She Doesn’t Know. He Asks If Its Really Her Friend’s House. She Says It Is And Bathroom Must Be In Master Bedroom.

At Kashyap House, Rano Prepares Pickle And Reminds Daadi How She Used To Prepare Pickle. Daadi Says Who Takes Effort During These Times, One Can Order Online And Get Anything In No Time. Rano Says Self-Made Pickle Tastes Better. A Courier Boy Delivers Parcel For Rano. Rano Gets Nervous. Badimaa Opens Parcel And Finding Footwear Asks If She Bought It For Avni. Rano Says She Wants To Try One Last Time.

Titli Steals Whole Furniture From Flat And Escapes. Ishan Comes Out Of Washroom When Real Estate Agent Enters To Finalize Deal And Stands Shocked Seeing All The Furniture Missing. He Thinks Ishan As Titli’s Partner In Crime. Drama Ensues. Ishan Tries To Prove Himself Innocent, But Agent Drags Ishan To Police Station. Inspector Identifies Ishan As Mr No Nonsense Who Came With Titli Earlier. Ishan Says Titli Stole The Furniture And Reminds Him Of Earlier Incident. Inspector Remembers The Incident. Titli Enters As A Tea Seller And Drops Tea On Ishan. Inspector Asks Him To Go. Ishan Fumes On Agent And Walks Away.

Titli Follows Ishan Seeking Her Money. He Says He Didn’t Take Her Tea, So He Will Not Pay. She Reveals Her Identity And Demands Her Payment. He Says He Will Not As Broke Rules Of Their Deal. She Fools Him With Her Lies And Nok Jhok And Convinces Him. He Says She Needs To Do Something Big To Convince His Family. She Says She Cannot Fool Such Nice People. He Says His Family Is Ready To Get Him Married To A Girl Whose Father Is In Jail. She Says Such Family Is Found In Dreams. He Feels Good. She Walks Away Throwing Tantrums Again.

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