Sasural Genda Phool 2 7th February 2022 Written Update

Ishika Returns Home Fuming. Ishan Asks What Happened To Her. Avni Sensing The Situation Leaves. Ishan Asks Ishika If She Had Gone On A Date. Ishika Says Her Online Boyfriend Mayank Turned Out To Be Karan. Family Gets Shocked Hearing That. Ishan Consoles Her And Leaves For Office. Titli Visits His Office. He Offers Her Final Payment And Seeing Her Tensed Asks Reason. She Says She Doesn’t Have A Loving Family Like Him, Her Life Is Full Of Tragedy And Will Always Be. She Continues Expressing Her Sorrows. He Calms Her Down With His Encouraging Speech. She Finds A Mistake In His Balance Sheet And Walks Away. He Thinks This Girls Always Surprises Him. She Then Sees A Candy In Money Packet With A Note For Her, Thinks Like He Helped Her, She Will Also Help Him And Get Anvi Back In His Life.

Ishika Continues Crying Describing What Karan Did. Rano Consoles Her And Says She Didn’t Know That She Suffered So Much. Karan Visits Kashyaps. Rano, Daadi, Disha, And Rani Get Happy Seeing Him And Converse Him Normally. He Says He Came To Return Ishika’s Wallet Which She Forgot In Restaurant. Rani Says They Know, Ishika Is Very Angry On Him And May Not Meet Him Again. Badimaa Offers Him To Have Lunch With Them. Karan Decides To Meet Ishika And Walks Towards Her Room. Badimaa Informs Ishika That Karan Has Come. Ishika Denies To Meet Him. Rano Rudely Asks Her Not To Interfere And Force Ishika. Karan Hears Her And Walks Away Heartbroken.

Titli Meets Avni And Reveals Her That She And Ishan Are Not Real Girlfriend And Ishan Hired Her To Stop His Alliance With Avni. Avni Shocked But Asks Why Is She Revealing It To Her. Titli Says Only Anvi Can Get Happiness In Ishan And His Family’s Lives And Further Reveals That She Doesn’t Work In Ishan’s Office, Etc., Leaving Anvi More Shocked. Intoxicated Jagdish Clashes With Inder On Road And Reveals That Titli And Ishan Are Not Real Boyfriend And Girlfriend, And Ishan Hired Titli To Lie To His Family, Etc. Inder Is Shocked To Hear That.

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