Sasural Genda Phool 2 7th February 2022 Written Update

Inder returns home and informs Rani, Ishika, Alok and Disha that he has met Jagdish, who told that Titli and Ishan are not boyfriend and girlfriend and are only acting. They don’t believe him at first and ask if he’s sure he’s met Jagdish. Inder says Jagdish was drunk and not him. They think about asking Ishan why he lied to them. On the other hand, Rano informs Badimaa that Ishika divorced from Karan because she lost her pregnancy and Karan was busy partying while his friends ignored her. Meethi overhears Inder’s conversation, runs downstairs and tells the elders that Ishan and Titli are not boyfriend and girlfriend. They are shocked to hear that. Inder says Ishan must have done this because they were harassing him before the marriage, they should question him once he returns. Badimaa thinks her eyes can’t be wrong, she saw something between Ishan and Titli.

Titli returns Deva bhai’s money and says she returned it a week earlier than her promise. Deva says she’s done her big deal, now she should go back to him and work on his big deal next week and his whole team will be working under her. Titli says she just finished her deal and needs time for her next deal.

Ishan returns home. Whole family asks him why he broke up with Titli. He lies that he broke up with Titli because they all hate her. They ask if he hired her to avoid harassing him before the wedding. He denies and walks away. Family starts arguing. Dadaji suggests that they beat Ishan at his own game and act as convinced of the relationship between him and Titli. Rano asks what if they should let him marry Titli. Dadaji says it’s better than leaving Ishan with grief all his life. Rano disagrees and walks away. Dadaji convinces her with his reasoning.

Precap: Ishan tells Rano that he broke up with Titli because the whole family was against their relationship. Dadaji says they have decided to let him marry Titli. Ishan is shocked when he hears that.

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