Sasural Genda Phool 2 3rd January 2022 Written Update

Ishan Confronts Titli For Tearing His Family Album And Warns That He Loves His Family And Cannot See Them Sad. She Warns Him To Let Her Finish Her Task In Her Own Style And Not Interfere. He Questions About Her Wrong Upbringing. She Warns Him To Dare Not Talk About Her Family. Their Nok Jhok Continues. Rano Fumes Seeing Torn Family Album. Badimaa Asks Her To Calm Down, They Will Decide Later How To Refix Family Album. Titli Walks To Them. Badimaa Invites Her For Dinner. At Dining Table, Daadi Clicks Titli’s Pick Silently Thinking She Has Seen Her Somewhere. Alok Asks Titli To Taste Their Family’s Famous Chana Pulao. Titli Says Its Cold. Rano Says She Will Reheat It. Titli Gets A Call, Wipes Her Fingers With Tissue And Asks Ishan To Keep It In His Pocket. He Does Same. Inder And Alok Taunt Ishan.

Burglar Continues Threatening Rajni At Gunpoint To Offload All The Cash In The Drawer. She Acts As Dropping Keys Down. He Bends And Spoiling His T-Shirt With Pastry Gets Busy Cleaning It. Ilesh Picks His Gun And Threatens Him To Run Away.

Back At Kashyap House, Titli Gets Busy On Phone Blabbering With Her Friend. Rano Says Chana Pulao Will Get Cold Again. Daadi Says Now She Remembers Seeing Titli Shopping In Karol Bagh. They All Joke On Her. Titli Joins Back And Says Starts Her Tantrums Again. She Says Pulao Is Still Cold. Rano Says It Got Cold Due To Her Phone Drama. Badimaa Says She Will Reheat It Again. Ishan Serves Her Badimaa’s Prepared Chole Puri Says Its World’s Best Chole. She Criticizes Its Taste And Says Nobody Can Hear Badimaa’s Criticism Here. Ishan Gets Angry But Controls. She Then Demands A Gift From Ishan And Says She Needs Earrings Like Disha. He Takes Her Aside And Denies. She Insists To Give Her 20000 Rs Right Now. He Helplessly Obliges. Inder Continues Taunting Ishan And Says He Has Completely Fall Down In Love.

Titli’s Tantrums Continue And She Demands Ishan To Make A Spiky Funky Haircut. Badimaa Asks Since When She Is Staying Alone. She Says Her Mothered Passed Away When She Was 12 Year Old. Badimaa Asks What About Her Father. Titli Says He Is In Jail. Dadi Thinks If She Saw Her Outside Tihar Jail. Alok Asks What Was She Doing There. Titli Says Her Father Did A Forgery In His Own Company And Is Jailed For 15 Years. Isha Thinks This Trick Is Working.

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