Sasural Genda Phool 2 30th December 2021 Written Update

Kashyap Family Gets Tensed Hearing Avni Is Coming Home Tonight. Ishan Asks Them To Inform Anvi That He Is Marrying Titli And Not Her. Badimaa Takes Milk For Him And Insists To Have It Right Now. He Says He Is Busy. She Says She Won’t Get A Chance After A Few Days. He Asks If She Liked Titli So Much. She Says Titli Is Clear Hearted And She Liked Her A Lot. He Tries To Convince Her To Hate Titli, But Badimaa Continues Her Liking For Titli And Walks Away Asking Him To Invite Titli For Dinner Tonight, Leaving Ishan Tensed. Avni Visits Kashyaps. Rano Gets Tensed Thinking How To Inform Anvi That Ishan Is Marrying Someone Else And Acts As Having Severe Knee Pain. Badimaa Gets Concerned.

Titli While Preparing Tea Explains Her Friend How Irritating Ishan’s Joint Family Is With 13 Members As If Its Someone’s Baraat And She Felt Like Shooting 2-3 Of Them. Her Friends Mirchi And Nimbu Inform Her About Their Friend’s Father Beating Her For Stealing Money And Having Ice Cream. She Says How Much She Is In More Trouble Than Her Friend And Continues Venting Out Her Anger.

Badimaa Applies Warm Compresses On Rano’s Knee And Asks Her To Rest While She Meets Avni. Rano Tries Her Best To Stop Her, But Badimaa Meets Avni. Rano Rushes To Avni And Requests Her To Inform Her Family To Wait For 2 More Days Before Talking About Alliance. Avnvi Leaves. Badimaa Confronts Rano For Creating False Hope In Avni’s Heart And Explains That When Ishan Has Selected A Life Partner Like Other Family Members Of This House, Why Don’t She Accept Him. She Further Informs Rano About Inviting Titli For Dinner Tonight.

Ishan Meets Titli And Confronts Her For Her Overacting Yesterday And Informs Her About Badimaa Inviting Her For Dinner Tonight. A Man Whose Electronic Goods Truck Titli Stole Identifies Her And Walks To Her. Titli Hides Her Face With Her Dupatta And Informs Ishan What She Did. Ishan Supports Her And Tells Man That She Is His Wife And Will Never Steal. Man Follows Them. Ishan Shoos Him Away. Titli Gets Impressed.

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