Sasural Genda Phool 2 2nd March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Gayathri asks to Titlee why is she here again? Why did she wearing such dress? Shailaja demands Ishaan to answer them Is he married to Titlee? Disha asks him to stop making fun with us. Ishika says may he is pranking us again. Gayathri says to them she is wearing nuptial chain and vermilion on her hairline how could they say it as prank? Disha asks Titlee to stop this drama now remove this nuptial chain and rub this vermillon from her hairline. Titlee and Ishaan stops her hand. Ishaan says to them its truth she is his wife and they got married again. Rano asks to him it seems she didn’t heard properly.

Ishaan says to her that she heard properly he got married Titlee today with all rituals and shows their marriage certificate to them. Alok checks the certificate and says its truth. Rano faints hearing it everyone consoles her and gives water to her. Indar says to Ishaan that he gonna marry Avni tomorrow what’s this all?

Rajini asks to him doesn’t he said he has no feelings for Titlee and said to Ambarnath he won’t marry again? Which one is drama this one or that? Gayathri says that she knew well this girl changed her grandson and married him for her gain. Ishaan says to them that he married her without option he might marry her it’s very important. Rano slaps Ishaan in anger and asks to him Is he made her pregnant or what? Ishaan says to her nothing like that inbetween them.

Rano complaints to him that he married to this useless girl and brought her to home. Why didn’t he asks a word to them? She asks him to say the truth. Is her thief father threatened him to marry her? Why did he married to this unworthy girl? She gets so emotional seeing it. Shailaja asks her to calm down but Rano says that her son life ended up in mess how will she calm down now? She won’t accept this marriage at all. She about to tear the certificate but Shailaja stops her and says Ishaan won’t do
anything without reason! Ishaan says to them that he married her for real. He narrates to them that Goons were chasing her to kill her he wanna save her in this way. She is a thief but she didn’t became like this for her needs but Deva threatened her to do it all. He shares her problems with them.

Rano asks to him why did he bring this thief to home? Alok says that he won’t accept this marriage at all. How could he betray Avni twice? What will he answer to her and her family now! How will he face them? He complaints about his upbringing and leaves.

Eilesh asks to him doesn’t he get another way to save her? Disha asks to him what’s the need to marry her? Rano says that she won’t accept this marriage. She asks to Titlee doesn’t she said to her already she doesn’t have the quality to enter into our family as daughter in law? She pushes her out and says don’t day dream to become her daughter in law. Ishaan stops Titlee and asks Rano to stop her making fun with her. Rano lashes out at him.

Ishaan says to her that she doesn’t care about her status she is his wife he married her taking vows in front of sacred fire. She already became this house daughter. Rano asks him leave from here along with Titlee and close the door on his face. Titlee says to him that she didn’t expected this to happen he too says the same. Shailaja prepares arathi to welcome them inside but Rano stopped her and vent out all her anger on her.

Shailaja says to her that she can able to reject them but not their marriage because Vermilion on her hairline and nuptial chain in her neck is real one. She leaves to welcome them but Rano pushes it away in anger. Shailaja consoles her and welcomes them inside. Rano says to Shailaja that she accepted them happily so it’s her job to welcome Avni’s family too she won’t do anything. Avni’s family reaches there everyone is in dilemma what to do next?

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