Sasural Genda Phool 2 2nd February 2022 Written Update

Ishan remembers that Titli got mad at him when he went to help her and kicked him out of her house. He thinks she’s strange, then thinks she might have gotten mad because of the pain, and calls her to hear about her condition. She picks up the phone and angrily asks him not to call her back because she finished his job and would send someone to receive money. He considers why she is doing this and calls her back, but she does not answer. Jaggu visits Deva shivering. Deva asks if he stole Titli’s money. Jaggu says he couldn’t. Deva-tongue whips him for failing and says that since Titli works for rich boy, he hasn’t seen any gain. Jaggu promises to steal her money next time. Dev pushes him away and says he will deal with Titli in his own way now.

Badimaa informs Alok that they have to pay property tax. Alok says he will do something. Dadaji walks towards them. They ask why he came to them instead of calling them to him. Dadaji says he can still walk and his memory is intact, and asks if Ishan leaves the house because of Titli. Badimaa says yes and he is happy with Titli. Dadaji asks her to stop Ishan from leaving the house somehow. She asks how can she. He insists, and she agrees. At night, Alok wakes up and hears Rano crying. Rano cries that she can’t let Ishan out of this house, both her children are grieving and she can’t see it. He comforts her. Titli, on the other hand, remembers Isan’s concern for her.

Titli wakes up in the morning, checks her money saved from the hideout, is hungry and finds bread, jam and milk. She opens the door and when she sees Ishan there, she angrily asks what he is doing here again. Ishan says he brought her favorite kachoris and asks if he can come in. She is speechless. He walks in and asks if she has scared the crooks not to collect ransom at Rani and Ilesh’s cafe. She agrees and says it’s okay. He says he knows she did it for him, and whether she accepts it or not, they are friends now. She denies. She says that she helped him to get out of his difficult situation and kept his promise to Suhana etc so that she will be his friend forever. She feels emotional when she hears that. Jaggu walks in. She yells at him to get out. Ishan realizes that her father has physically harassed her.

Precap: Titli kicks Ishan out of the house screaming that her father can hit her and it’s none of his business. He says he can’t.
She finds her money missing.

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