Sasural Genda Phool 2 29th December 2021 Written Update

Ishan Insists Titl To Show Her Purse. She Says Its Not In Their Contract. He Forcefully Checks Her Purse And Finds Decorative Items In It, Warns Her To Stop Stealing As He Is Paying Her Huge Sum To Act As His Girlfriend And If She Doesn’t Focus On Her Work, He Will Cancel The Deal. She Picks His Eyebrow Hair And Says Hs Wish Will Be Fulfilled. He Warns Her Not To Joke On His Father. She Says He Asked Her To Make His Family Hate Her, And If She Doesn’t Insult Them, How Will They Hate Her. He Says Whatever It Is. She Leaves Saying She Cannot Steal At His House, But Can Steal From Him And Shows His Pen, Leaving Him Frowning.

At Home, Rano Gets Angry On Titli’s Misbehavior And Says She Is Unfit For Ishan. Disha, Rani, And Others Praise Titli And Asks Why Is She Bothered When Ishan Is Happy With Titli And Obeys Her Orders Happily. Rano Continues Counting Titli’s Fault. Ishika Opposes Her. Rano Says She Couldn’t Handle Her Husband And Is Supporting Titli Now. Alok, Inder, And Ilesh Discuss About Titli On The Other Side. Inder And Alok Support Titli While Ilesh Opposes. Their Argument Starts. Ishan Returns. They Change Topic. Ishan Seeks Their Opinion. Alok Says She Is Good. Ishan Thinks Of Knowing Ladies’ Opinion. Rano Continues Opposing Titli While Others Support Her. Daadi Opines That Each Person Is Different Like Their Family, They Will Be Bored If Everyone Is Same. Golu Shouts He Is Stuck. They All Rush To Him And Find Him Stuck Under A Table. Disha Removes Titli’s Stuck Chewing Gum From His Hair And Get Him Out. Rano Says She Hates Titli. Ishan Feels Happy Seeing Family’s Reaction. After Sometime, Rani Expresses Her Concern For Disha And Informs Inder How She Lied That She Got An Insurance Agent’s Call. He Brushes Off Her Worries With His Joke.

Titli Visits Deva. Deva Says He Found A Task For Her Which Will Reduce Her Debt By Half. She Says She Is Already Working For Ishan Who Will Pay Her Money If She Finishes His Task And He Warned Her Not To Steal. He Asks If She Will Obey His Order Or Not And Threatens Her With A Knife. She Switches On Tape Recorder. He Calms Down Remembering His Ex-Girlfriend Paro. She Walks Away Smirking. Next Morning, Rano Offers Butter Paratha For Ishan. Inder And Ilesh Taunt Him That His Girlfriend Will Taunt Him That He Is Gaining Weight. Rani Asks If She Should Prepare Cornflakes For Him. He Says He Will Have Paranthas. They All Taunt Him Enacting Titli. He Complains Badimaa. Badimaa Asks If They Are Enacting Titli. Mithi Informs Them That Avni Is Coming Tonight.

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