Sasural Genda Phool 2 28th December 2021 Written Update

Daadi Tells Titli That She Saw Her Somewhere Before. Titli Gets Nervous And Walks Away With Ishika. Daadi Thinks She Definitely Has Seen Titli Somewhere. Disha Gets Her Creditor’s Call Who Demands Her To Repay This Week’s Payment. She Shouts At Him To Not Call Her Again. Rani Hears Her And Asks Whom She Is Scolding. Disha Lies It Was An Insurance Agent’s Call. Rani Asks Her To Prepare Pasta For Titli. They Both Walk Into Kitchen And See Ilesh Already Munching Snacks. Inder Joins Them And Scolds Ilesh. Ishan Walks In And Asks Their Opinion About Titli. They Get Silent. He Praises Her And They Nod Yes. Daadi Walks In Next. Mithi Takes Her Out To Handle Dadaji. Dadaji Picks His Kurta To Meet Guest And Asks Dadi To Select One. Daadi Says They Will Sit Inside And Enjoy Movie. Daadi Insists To Meet Guest, But Daadi Scolds Him To Sit Inside And Feels Sad For Him.

Disha Serves Pasta To Titli. Titli Throws Tantrums And Wipes Her Face With Ishan’s Kerchief. She Then Looks At Rano’s Bangles And Says She Likes Only Gold Bangles And Gets Rashes With Other Metal. Rano Says Its Pure Gold Gifted By Her Mother. Tilti Says She Likes Only Diamond And Then Criticizes Rano’s Fashion Sense. Rano Says Mithi Is Their Fashion Designer. Daadi Returns To Dadaji And Watches Devanand’s Movie. Dadaji Rejoices And Reminds Her That She Was Fan Of Devanand. She Says Someone Tore Devanand’s Photo Fixed In Her Cupboard. He Says He Did As He Was Jealous Of Devanand. Daadi Enjoys His Jealousy.

Titli Continues Throwing Tantrums And Asks Ishan To Zip Her Sandals As She Is Acrophobic. Ishan Bends Down And Zips Her Sandals Leaving Family Shocked. Ishan Drops Her Out. She Says She Remembers Visiting His House Once. He Asks How Dare She Is To Steal From His House. She Says She Helped His Daadi Instead And Remembers Helping Daadi Find Her Slippers At Temple. He Says A Thief Showed Her Morales. She Says She Is A Thief And Not A Cheapster And Remembers Dropping Daadi Home And Stealing Money And Other Stuff From Home. He Gets Tensed That If Daadi Remembers The Event, She Will Not Spare Titli. Titli Says Daadi Will Not Remember As That Event Was 2 Days Ago. He Thinks His Plan Failed.

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