Sasural Genda Phool 2 25th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Ishaan, He feeds birthday cake to all. Titlee noticed everything from upstairs. Ishaan thank Avni for giving this surprise to him and appreciates her to brought his favourite flavour cake. Avni informs to him that she about to buy wrong flavour but Rano whom asked her to buy this.

Ishaan appreciated Rano for thinking in modern way. He thank Avni for the surprise and says good night to her. Rano stops him and tell him how could he go and sleep like this? She asks him to drop Avni in her home reasoning its midnight. Avni tells her she don’t mind she can able to manage it. Ishaan stops her and asks Indar to drop her in home reasoning he wanna go to office tomorrow so he need to sleep. Indar agrees to drop her. Ishaan wishes good night to all and leaves.

Titlee pretends like sleeping seeing Ishaan there. Meanwhile Avni asks Rano to stop doing like this. Avni adds that its her mistake she shouldn’t have come here at this time. Rano tells her nothing is wrong in it. Avni tells her she don’t like Titlee and their marriage that’s why she is behaving like this but listen clearly she don’t wanna come between a husband and wife. Rano tells her both are not loving each other it’s a fake marriage.

Avni tells her they are already married she is talking about love. Let them start love each other so stop bring her inbetween it. She requests her to accept Titlee because Avni is considering him as a friend only. Indar takes her from there. Next day Titlee shows arathi to Ishaan and gives Prasad to him. She shares birthday wishes to him. He gets surprise to hear she went to temple. He shares to her that she is always surprising him in that accounts maters and this matter too.

Titlee tells him she brought a gift for him. She gifts one T-shirt to him. Ishaan liked that one and tell her it’s his favorite one. He will wear it now itself. Titles ask him doesn’t he going to office today? He tells her that he is on leave reasoning everyone wishes to spend time with him. Titlee ask him why don’t he take his family out? He tells her its risk to take Titlee out so let’s do party in home. She feels happy to hear he is doing everything for her.

Titlee dreams like she is romancing with Ishaan. Ishaan brings her back to earth. Both spends quality time with each other. Later Gayathri gives cake to Ambarnath and informs to him that Ishaan cut his birthday cake. He complaints that they are treating him like stranger that’s why they didn’t call him. Gayathri explains to him its happened in 12 that’s why they didn’t call him. Ambarnath gets disappointed to learn Rano didn’t invited Titler for cake cutting.

Ambarnath advised to Gayathri she is elder to this house when someone doing wrong things in front of her she wanna stop it instead of breaking their relationship.

Later Ishaan comes down Ishika and Meethi praises his dressing style. He informs to them Titlee gifted this to him. Rano ask him why didn’t he wear the dress she gifted him? He tells her that it’s a formal dress he will wear it when going to office. Ishika informs to her that Titlee gifted this. Rano asks him to eat kheer reasoning Shailaja is sick so she cooked it for him. Won’t he eat by her hand? Ishaan eats it and feels bad for Shailaja. Ishika shares this matter to Titlee she feels bad for them. Later Ishaan apologized to Shailaja for everything and tell her everything happening like this because of his mistake. Shailaja consoles him.

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