Sasural Genda Phool 2 23rd March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Ishaan, He returns to home and noticed Titlee slept. He recollects her confession to Shailaja and smiles. He takes back his hand thinking about the promise. Next day Ishaan getting ready to go to office. Titlee ask him why didn’t he asked her up? He tells her he don’t wanna wake a person whom sleeping well! Titlee helps him to set the tie trying on her neck. She ask him about Shailaja’s health. He assures to her that she is doing better.

He shares to her that Shailaja is caring and kind person. She only know to love everyone in the house. He informs to her that he has an important meeting outside Delhi so he will be late to home. He takes his tie from her neck and set it in his neck. Titlee helps him to adjust it with collar. Later Ishika and Meethi are pampering Shailaja. She questions them what’s going on here?

Shailaja says that they won’t pamper her like this without reason. She asks them to share what they want? Ishika shares to her that they wanna watch TV in hell with Pizza. It has been long they didn’t watched movie at all. Shailaja denies it reasoning they will watch it in high volume. They assures to her that they will watch it in low volume. Shailaja gives permission to her and asks her to call Titlee too reasoning she is alone in her room. Ishika informs to her that they called her already but she wanna convince others there. Rano asks them what’s going on here? Shailaja tells her that they wanna watch movie. Later Disha searches for Golu in school. She fears that good done something to him.

Disha finds Golu with the goon. He gives chocolate to Golu. Disha scolds him for taking chocolate from strangers. She pleads with goon to leave her son. He warns Disha to give back the money asap or else he can’t able to assure her safety of her son. Disha takes Golu to home. Rani questions Disha what happened? She informs to her she needs money urgent. Rani assures to help her.

Meanwhile Titlee watching film with Ishika and Meethi. Shailaja admires the bond of them. Ishika and Meethi asks Titlee to continue watching it and leaves. Shailaja feels happy to see Titlee in happiness. Ishaan returns to home and wish to watch movie with her. Titlee tells him that Rano will be angry if she see them together. He ask her whom gonna inform her? Both watches the movie together and slept. Rano notices them sleeping together in morning and wakes them. Rano question Ishaan why didn’t he wake her up when he returned to home? What’s the need to wake Titlee?

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