Sasural Genda Phool 2 22nd February 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Ishaan and Avni are in restaurant. One server gives one ring to Ishaan and says he drops it yesterday here. Ishaan reminds it as Titlee’s ring. Avni says to him yesterday it was Valentine’s Day. Ishaan tells her that he took her here to thank here later understood it was Valentine’s Day. What he gonna do with that day. He apologies to her and says he didn’t reject her proposal intentionally.

Avni orders salad to eat. Ishaan reminds the way Titlee ordered many items at eat it. He shares to her that Titlee is just opposite to her character. Avni feels bad and reveals to him that she already knew about his scam. He asks to her how come she know it? She shares to him that Titlee already confessed it to her thinking her as a trustworthy person she didn’t share it to anyone yet. Ishaan reminds Titlee’s words and thinks she is keep surprising him. Avni says to him that he really likes him that she can understand his mind set that he don’t wanna marry again. But he needs to spend time with her at least. He thank her for understanding his situation.

Rano finds the money is missing on table. She searches for it. Ishika and Disha says that they saw her kept money on table. Rano says that Titlee would have steal that money. Shailaja says that everyone was around her when she was here so stop blaming her. Rano says that she definitely take that money.

Shailaja tells her that no one saw her taking money it’s wrong to accusing someone without proof. Ishaan comes there and asks to them what happened? Shailaja says to him nothing like that. But Rano shares to him that she kept money here to pay for milk seller but it was missing here. He asks her to check it carefully. She says to him that no one come here except Titlee. Ishaan asks to her Is she thinking she took that money? Shailaja denies it but Rano is adamant in her point. He thinks that Titlee wouldn’t have taken that money but he wanna ask to her at least for mom’s sake. He wishes to meet her.

Titlee notices Deva bhai in her house. He asks her to work under him reasoning she is living alone. If she is caught no one will come to save her. She says to him that she wanna work alone. Deva bhai says to her that once someone work under her then lifelong she wanna work for him or else he wont leave her live in peace. Ishaan hears it and tries to help her but Nimbu and Soda stops him. He alerts Ishaan thar he was a dangerous person so don’t go inside. Ishaan says to him that he was threatening Titlee so he wanna help her. Nimbu stops him and says just wait or else he will be in dangerous too.

Just then Deva bhai leaves from there. Ishaan confronts Titlee and asks to her what’s this all? It’s not right to threaten her in this way. Titlee asks to him why is he here? Doesn’t their deal was over then what he need from her? He tells her he is her friend so he will come to meet her. He advises her to take money from him if she need she can get it in loan basis too. Titlee asks him to stop showing off his money power here. She asks him to come to the point. He shares to her what did Rano said. He tells her he is not thinking she took that money but hearing Deva bhai’s words he understood she needs money so he is ready to help her.

Titlee says to him that she didn’t steal the money and she don’t need his money too. Either she beg for money but won’t steal again. She lashes out at him. He tries to explain her that she misunderstood him. She asks him to leave from there. Here Rano welcomes Avni and feeds sweets to her. Avni understands her mind set and tells her she needs time as well as Ishaan to because they shouldn’t take wrong decision again in their life. Rano praises her and says to Shailaja that she is pretty understanding person and perfect to Ishaan. Meanwhile Ishaan meets Titlee’s friend and learns about Titlee’s past from him.

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