Sasural Genda Phool 2 1st March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Anchor announces that Minister reached here so this Samoohik vivah will begin in few minutes. His assistant giving gifts to all brides and grooms there. Anchor asks the couples to enter into mandap Ishaan and Titlee enters there after confirming goons are still searching for them.

Shailaja reminds Suhana’s words and gets happy tears. Indar and Eilesh comes there and asks to her what happened why is she crying? She tells them that it’s happy tears her dream gonna fulfill soon. Shailaja asks to them Is Ishaan got ready? They tells her Ishaan is not in home. She says to him that Ishaan messaged him going out for office work. Indar says it’s lie because he contacted his office and learnt he didn’t went there.

Shailaja supports him and says may he has some work to do outside? Indar asks to her what was that important work to leave behind his marriage work? Eilesh also saying that may he eloped from here to avoid this marriage. Shailaja says to him that he won’t do like that because he promised to marry again swearing on Suhana so he will never back off from this and betray his family too. She assures to them that he will come back in few minutes don’t make Rano tensed like this.

Titlee and Ishaan are doing the marriage rituals there Titlee notices priest got changed she tries to alert Ishaan about it but seeing goons she keeps quiet. Another side Rano doing the rituals there. Indar waiting for Ishaan there. Priest asks Titlee to put garland on Ishaan but she denies it and runs from there. Ishaan rushes her behind and asks to her what happened? Doesn’t this fake marriage?

She says to him that priest got changed he is not the same one they gave money to him. He gets shock to hear it. Here Rano asks Indar to call Ishaan and asks him to come back soon. She feels something wrong seeing their hesitated.

She enquires to them what happened where is Ishaan? He reveals to her that Ishaan didn’t went to office at all no one has the idea where did he went? Here Ishaan asks to Titlee what will they do now? Titlee says to him that priest will ask us to marry in real if they go back to mandap. He asks to her what else he do then to save her life? She says to him that she don’t wanna give such punishment to him. He says to Titlee that he will do anything to save her from Deva. If she get free from that Deva then he is ready to marry Titlee too. Someone asks to them aren’t they ready to marry yet? Ishaan says they are ready. Here Alok vent out his anger for Ishaan’s missing on rituals time. Rano asks to him to call Ishaan.

Ishaan and Titlee returns to Mandap. Priest asks them to exchange the garland they exchanged their garland. Priest asks them to do the rituals. Titlee stares him emotionally he is also feels guilty for betraying his family. Priest asks Bride to walk first and groom wanna follows her behind to takes vows around sacred fire.

Then they changed their positions. Goons discusses with each other where did they went? Priest asks Ishaan to fill the hairline with vermilion. Ishaan fills Titles’s hairline with Vermilion. Priest asks him to tie the knot with Titlee. He ties the nuptial chain around her neck. Priest says to them that marriage over they are husband and wife now. Titlee asks to him what did he done? They got married for real? Is he thinking its fun? He fills her hairline with vermilion and tied nuptial chain to her. He says to her that he has no option to save her then? She complaints to him that everything happened because of him. If he should not have changed her father’s mind it wouldn’t have happened? He says if her that he tried to free her from that Deva bhai. She says to him its a drama let’s take it in that way just forget everything. She runs from there in tears.

Ishaan notices the goons and hugs her from hide the goons. He alerts her that goons are surrounding her it’s better she hides in his house as his wife. She asks to him how will she come to his house as his wife? Here everyone gets panic when Ishaan didn’t return to home. Rano open the door and gets shock to see Ishaan and Titlee there in marriage attire.

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