Sasural Genda Phool 2 1st February 2022 Written Update

Titli when he calls her and finds out through Nimbu and Soda that she had an accident and was injured. Badimaa does not serve Ishan’s plate. Mithi says Daadi accepted that Ishan left the house, so she didn’t serve his plate. Badimaa feels sad and runs away. Inder scolds Mithi. Mithi says it is now common for a few family members to remain separated. Family states that they cannot stay without Ishan. Mithi says it’s common and what if she gets married in a nuclear and unjoined family. Disha blames Titli for trying to separate Ishan from them. Inder says how will they live without harassing Ishan. Ilesh supports him. Rani scolds him. Inder says he can’t live without his brother.

Nimbu and Soda try to help Titli and ask her to take medicine or apply ointment to her wounds, but she denies, saying she is a superman and feels no pain. They say she is a woman. She says that superwoman is more powerful than man. They try their best, but Titli remembers her father beating her for money, denies and sleeps. Ishan reaches out and applies ointment to her wound. She opens her eyes and asks when he has come. He berates her why she is adamant and does not administer medicine, he did not want to come here, but then thought of her intransigence and came to help her. Noticing that she has a fever, he sends Soda to bring medicine and Nimbu to bring cold water and clothes. He then applies cold compresses to Titli’s forehead. Their eyes close. Kaun Tu Mera Kya Tu Lage.. song is playing in the background. Titli becomes alert and yells at him to get out. He tries to calm her down, but she keeps screaming and kicks him out of the house. She then cries as she lies on the floor and remembers her father beating her for money.

Soda comes back and asks Ishan where he is going. Ishan says that Titli kicked him out of the house, gives him and Nimbu chocolate and asks him to take care of Titli. Titli continues to cry as she remembers Ishan’s care. Her friend enters and sees that things have broken down and her injured one asks if Ishan did anything. She denies. He says he will punish Ishan. She says she threw things in anger, Ishan is too nice who came to help her, her father came home drunk and demanded money from her and when she denied, beat her.

Precap: Ishan asks Titli why she scared the crooks not to visit Rani and Ilesh’s cafe for ransom. Titli says that everything needs no explanation. Ishan says he knows who she did it for.

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