Sasural Genda Phool 2 14th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Shailaja, she informs to Ishaan that she removed Suhana’s clothes from his cupboard and asked Titlee to use that place. Ishaan questions Shailaja doesn’t she know Suhana’s things closed to his heart then why did she removed it? Shailaja complaints to him Titlee is his wife Doesn’t she needs place to keep her clothes? This is Titlee’s room too he might give her rights to her. She adds that Suhana’s clothes is safe in her cupboard stop worrying about it. She reminds him Suhana has special place in his heart that’s enough. Shailaja warns Ishaan avoid sleeping in drawing room at night.

Shailaja question him doesn’t he married to Titlee and took her home so he might give her place in this house. If they sleeps alone how will their life begin as husband and wife? Ishaan shares to Shailaja that Suhana’s clothes was with him always he can’t able to accept it. Shailaja says that Suhana was with him but she left now just like that he might let it go instead of holding it. She advise him to give Titlee’s rights to her. Titlee hears it and thinks she knew well how much Ishaan loves Suhana though its hurting to see his love for her.

Titlee taunts Ishaan for blamed her without knowing the truth. She complaints that he is lashing out at her first then apologize to her. She adds that he married to her forcefully aware of the consequence then why did he always complaining about her. His whole family avoiding her and treating her like enemy she was locked in his room. It’s better he gives information about her to police.

Ishaan denies it and says he don’t wanna talk with anyone see her face. She covers her face with veil. He questions her why did she keep her clothes in his cupboard? She complaints that she don’t wanna use Suhana’s place that’s why. He smiles and apologized to her and says he don’t wanna hurt her. Titlee imitates him there he laughs his heart out. Shailaja admired their bond.

Alok slept in sitting position Rano comes there and wake him. She inquire him what happened? Why is he looking so dull? He questions her what happened to our house? His family lost their happiness and peace it’s hurting him a lot. Rano blames Titlee is the reason for everything. Later Titlee covers Ishaan with bed sheet but something stopped her from touching him. She comes to balcony and reminds Kashyaps accusation on her. Shailaja comes there and asks her Is she don’t get sleep? Titlee nods to her. Both starts a conversation about the incident happened today.

Shailaja apologized to her behalf of her family. Titlee says that Disha is not fault here if she is in her place she would have reacted like that. Whom will trust one Thief? Titlee shares to her that she is like a girl whom don’t trust in relationship and family. This is because she used to keep distance with all and never let anyone close to her in her life. Because she is scared of heart breaking. Even she stopped Nimbu and Soda to attached with her. But after she met this family she understands true love too exist and family can share good bond with each other and together. She shares to her that she doesn’t know how did she fell in love?

She knew well Ishaan still loves Suhaana she won’t get place in his heart. Shailaja asks her Is she love Ishaan? It’s love nothing is equal to pure love. She opens up with Shailaja. She assures to Titlee one day he will forget everything and accept her love. Not only Ishaan but also this family give place to her in their heart. She adss that this is not real Rano. If she love someone she will give her life to them. She asks Titlee to wait for some days everyone will accept her but she wanna win them with her love.

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