Sasural Genda Phool 2 10th January 2022 Written Update

Dissha meets a bully and, paying him money, warns him not to dare call her again. Goon warns her that she pay him once or that she dares not lose a single installment or he will inform her family. She thinks she needs to pay off this loan before the family finds out. Titli meets her younger friends Nimbu and Mirchi and gives them books. They say they don’t want to go to school and they want to learn to be thieves like her. She asks if they want to play video games then. They agree. She says that she will get them chocolates for the whole week. They are excited in agreement. She tries to turn on the laptop. Nimbu asks why she doesn’t buy a new laptop. She asks if her father will buy her a new laptop. Nimbu says her father is in jail. She gets angry when she remembers her brother’s betrayal and wins the game. They get sad. She warns them that they will go to jail if they become thieves like her. They get scared and choose books to study.

At Kashyap House, Ilesh continues to describe her false stories of bravery. Rajni and Inder joke about him. Ishan walks in and asks what’s going on. Inder says that Ilesh wants to fight a monkey. Golu insists that Disha send him on a school trip. She sees huge fees and denies. She starts crying. Badimaa walks in and asks Golu why she is crying. He explains. Badimaa sends him to the kitchen to eat Rasgulla and asks Disha if he has any problems, he should discuss it with her as he considers her her daughter. Disha tries to speak, but stops and goes to see Golu.

Rano goes to Ishan’s room and sees him shopping for Titli’s earrings online. She asks Will Titli how earrings are so cheap. He says that Titli likes diamonds and selects expensive earrings for her and then tries to provoke her against Titli. Rano is quick to say that she kept the milk on the stove. The next morning the family enjoys tea and Pakoras and jokes in Ilesh. They all wait for Daadi to return home from the temple. Daadi returns and says that he remembered where he saw Titli, she is a thief that he stole from her house. Everyone laughs as Ishan remembers Titli reporting the same thing to him. Daadi says that she went to the temple and remembered bringing Titli home from the temple and then Titli stealing from her home. Ishan acts and asks if his girlfriend is a thief. She says yes and describes the whole incident. Ishan says that he is wrongly claiming that she is his girlfriend. Rano says that Maa never lies. Dadaji says that she is lying and says that even now she is a beauty queen. Ishan says that he is talking about her girlfriend, how Titli can be a thief and even if she is, he won’t leave her like he really loves her.

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