Sasuraal Genda Phool 2 28th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Titlee, She says that Ishaan is very lucky he has two moms but she has no one? Shailaja tells her even she has two moms and feed Kheer to her. Ishika too joins with them. They crack jokes and laughs each other. Ishaan helps Titlee to wipe the food from her lips. Shailaja admires their bond. Later Rano noticed Ishika carrying something in her hand and confront her.

Ishika reveals to her that Shailaja cooked kheer for Ishaan and Titlee. Rano thinks what’s the need to cook alone doesn’t she already cooked and fed to Ishaan? Ishika asks her to stop her family drama and breaking their family tradition. She complaints that Shailaja whom used to feed kheer to everyone in the family on their birthday. But Rano broke it and cooked for Ishaan. She consoles her and leave.

Meanwhile Disha gets a mysterious call, someone informs to her Golu was kidnapped. Disha gets panicked and share her fear with Eilesh. He confronted her about her strange behaviours? Disha managed to lie with him. Eilesh shares to her he called to her mom. Disha fears go get caught and lies to him stop calling her mom because she didn’t revealed to her mom about surgery. Eilesh consoles her and leave.

Titlee stops Ishaan and gives his wallet to him reasoning he forget that. He asks her to keep it in his pocket he is in rush. Rano gets irritate to see it. Titles leaves from there seeing her. Rano praises Ishaan’s shirt. He tells her its her selection, Titlee ask him to wear it because he was looking handsome in it.

Rano questions him what’s going between them? She was behaving like his real wife and he was watching movie with her. Ishaan asks her to leave this matter and excuse her. Rano thinks that this matter getting into serious so she wanna stop it at any cost. She calls to her lawyer and ask his appointment to meet him.

Later Ambarnath ask Gayathri to give company to him play the chess. Titlee comes there and help him. Ambarnath complaints that she is 4 minutes late, she apologized to him. She shares to him that Ishaan used to forget his things while going to office today he forget his wallet too. He tells her wife duty is not easy one. Titlee helps Gayathri to order things from online and narrate it to her. Ambarnath cracks jokes with her.

Ishaan returns to home tired. He calls Ishika to give shoulder massage to him but Titlee comes there and help him. He appreciates her unaware its Titlee. He gives kiss to her hand and sleep on it. Ishika comes there and ask him why did he called her? Ishaan gets surprised and says that he thought Ishika gave massage to her.

Titlee tell him she don’t mind. Ishika says that Rano was searching for him. She is in her room. Ishaan goes to meet her. Rano informs to him that she got an idea to send Titlee from his life and start a new life. She informs to him that she met their lawyer he asks her make Ishaan fill this form so they will get divorce soon. Here Titlee is on cloud nine thinking about Ishaan.

Meanwhile Rano explains to Ishaan about divorce details. Ishaan tries to explain her Titlee’s life in danger she is not understanding it. Rano says that she knew it but she is in danger. It will take months to solve all issues but let’s give money to Titlee she need that from them. Ishaan complaints that she don’t know about Titlee at all. She tells him she don’t wanna know about her. Ishaan tells her he will sign in it after read it. Ishaan returns to his room angrily. Titlee noticed the Divorce papers and gets shocked.

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