Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th February 2022 Written Update

A director berates his assistant Neha for getting photographer Kabir for a photo shoot soon. Neha suggests a replacement photographer and says that if Kabir is Dabbu, then she is Ratnani. Director asks her to call her quickly. Gehna having her name changed as Kamya is seen in a new modern avatar practicing karate when she gets Neha’s phone call asking her to reach the studio in 10 minutes. Kamya reaches studio wearing a modern dress with a camera. Model gets angry and says she has agreed to a photo shoot just for Kabir and doesn’t agree to replacement. Neha asks Kamya to show her talent. Kamya says she wants to be known for her talent and not as someone’s replacement. Neha convinces her. Director asks Neha if she called Kabir. Kamya says it’s Kamya and gives moral gyaan about photography. She’s getting her camera ready and about to start a photo shoot when Kabir walks in and the assistants see him excited. Kamya berates them for keeping quiet.

Kabir slips out and turns on the fan. Glittering bits fly on Gehna. Gehna berates assistant for turning off the fan. Kabir walks up to her and praises her beauty. He is mesmerized. Saath Nibhana is playing in the background. Gehna addresses him as bhaiya and asks what his problem is. Then he gives his moral gyaan about photography. She says wrong subject and wrong place, she made a story from her camera and he intervened like Amrish Puri. Kabir asks if he is a photographer. She says yes. He calls Director Yash and asks why he replaced him. Yash says he came in the afternoon for a morning shift. Kabir says to wait for him like everyone else does. He then walks to Kamya and their nok jhok starts again. He is impressed by her attitude.

She completes the photo shoot. Yash thanks her for completing the shoot in half a day and Nehna was right about her talent. Kabir comments on her talent. She responds to comments and walks away. He says she shows attitude. Nehna shows pictures. Kabir becomes more impressed. Assistant informs that Kamya has left her bag. Kabir says he will return it to her. Gehna waits for car. Bapuji calls her and tells her that it has been 6 months since she left home. Kamya says that even Anant left them six months ago. He says Kamya or Gehna, she will always be his daughter. She finds her bag missing and becomes tense. Kabir walks up to her and offers her bag. Goons attack Gehna. Kabir panics upon hearing gunshots and rescues Gehna from there on his bike. He stops after some distance, and their nock jhok starts again.
He then sees villains approaching, puts Gehna back on the bike and rescues her again.
She thinks that whoever Kabir is, he can’t take a bag from her.

As soon as she leaves, Kabir calls his older brother, who is the same boss who is behind the bag, and informs him about the shooting of him. The boss’s assistant tells that their men attacked Gehna. Kabir asks if the attack related to the earlier incident. Boss says he is Sikandar and no one dares to touch his family so no need to worry. Gehna returns home and find things near things shattered reached her house.

Precap: Aide informs the boss that Gehna is hiding in his own house. Kabir takes Gehna home. His mother asks if he is back with his new girlfriend. Boss decides to visit Mumbai.

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