Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th January 2022 Written Update

Anant And Gehna Faces Each Other Where Gehna Takes Anant’s Cloth And Keep It There Where Gehna Makes Tasty Food For Anant. Tiya Praises Gehna Where Everyone Gets Happy. Rashika Gives Kadha To Kanak And Asks Her To Drink It. Anant Comes There Where Gehna Asks Him To Eat But Anant Leaves From There. Gehna Is Worried For Anant And Said That He Didn’t Eat Anything From Yesterday.

Gehna Gets Call From Abhay Where He Asks Her That Anant Is Lucky Where Gehna Says That She Is Lucky Where He Asks Her To Come To The Hospital For Further Test Where Gehna Decides To Go. Gehna Takes Permission From Baa To Go And Lied To Her That She Wants To Buy Some Grocery. Rashika Taunts Gehna Where Kanak Comes There And Asks Gehna To Bring Something For Her Also. Kanak Comes Inside Where She Makes A List. Hema Said That What She Is Doing Where She Told Her Plan. Kanak Comes To Know That Gehna Lied To Everyone Where She Decides To Call Anant.

Anant Is Waiting For Gehna’s Call Where Kanak Calls Anant And Manipulate Him Against Kanak Where She Said That She Sent Food For Her Where She Informs Him That She Is Not At Home Where Anant Gets Shocked.

Gehna Reaches At Hospital Where Abhay Evil Intention Shows Where Abhay Asks Her To Tell Anant Where Gehna Said That She Doesn’t Want To Hurt Anant. Abhay Said That Anant Is Very Lucky To Have Her Where Abhay Puts Some Medicine In Gehna’s Glucose. Gehna Calls Anant Where Anant Comes To Know That Gehna Is With Someone Where Anant Gets Surprised.

Anant Is Waiting For Gehna Where Gehna Reaches Home And Sees Him. Gehna Said That He Comes So Early Where Kanak Asks Hema About Gehna Where Hema Said That She Disappeared. Kanak Looks On.

Anant Asks Gehna That They Have To Do Something Where Abhay Counts Down Start Where He Said That He Wants Gehna Where He Said That His Treatment Side Effects Will Start Soon. Anant Get’s Romantic With Gehna Where Gehna Pushes Her Away Where Anant Gets Shocked. Abhay Sees Gehna’s Picture And Said That He Is In Madly Love With Her Where He Said That She Is The Only One. Anant Asks What She Is Doing Where Gehna Reacts Badly And Asks Him Not To Touch Her Where Gehna Throws Vase To Anant Where He Saves Himself And Gets Shocked To See Gehna Like This.

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