Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th February 2022 Written Update

Gehna returns her mangalsutra to Anant and says she would have accepted if it was her fault, but she will not accept wrong accusations against her. She prays to Kanhaji to give him strength to accept his mistake and repent. Anant angrily throws away her mangalsutra. Gehna touches Bapuji’s feet and takes his blessings. Bapuji says he won’t let her go. Gehna says she cannot stay where she is not respected. She then touches Baa’s feet, who denies blessing her, and tells her to be glad she’s leaving home; she will soon repent because god will not stay where a woman is disrespected, etc. Anant asks her to stop her lecture and pushes her out of the house. Gehna says she only takes her respect from here and won’t tolerate him misbehaving towards her. Anant closes the door on her face. Gehna then prays to Gehna and wonders why only she must always suffer.

Anant feels humiliated by his insult and decides to take revenge. He calls goons and says he will pay any amount to get his job done. He encounters goons who control him and take him blindfolded to their lair. Boss walks up to a man he is torturing and gives him a long lecture on how to shut up and kills him. Aide informs him that Anant has brought him a lot of money to kidnap someone. Boss tells the story of Anant and Gehna and tells him to deliver a bag in exchange for his assignment. Anant agrees and gives him the pictures of Abhay and Gehna. Boss is shocked to see Gehna’s photo.

Gehna in a dhaba overhears guys discussing a package in Anant’s car and plans to even kill the car to get the package. Worried about Anant, she hides in the goons’ car to find out if they’re really into Anant. Goons reach their destination and aim the gun at Anant to get out of his car. The boss’ assistant calls him and informs him that rival gang members have taken Anant and he thinks Anant will give them a bag. Boss asks him to do what he has to do. Goon activates bomb. Gehna notices the bomb and calls Anantji. Bomb explodes and car shatters into pieces, but not even a scratch on the bag. Gehna is shocked to see that. Rescuers think they should kill the girl because she’s seen everything. Gehna grabs bag and runs away. Goons follow her. She hides and as soon as the crooks run away, she gets out. Rain begins and wash3s her sindhoor away. She asks Kanhaji if this is his justice, she had hopes that she would return to Anant, but he snatched Anant off her; she does not need his help and will do everything alone; not only Anant is dead, but even Gehna died; a new Gehna will be born with a new motto to live.

Precap: Gehna learns karate and completely changes her appearance when a modern girl meets a man

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