Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th January 2022 Written Update

Anant gets angry and says that everyone changed for her, where she said that everyone said too much after Kanak’s pregnancy. Anant says that she will buy them a new house. Gehna asks him to calm down where Gehna said they are family and that we should not leave them. Anant is angry when Gehna throws water on Anant’s face where Gehna and Anant rejoice with each other.

Pankaj gets angry and says that this is not her son where Kanak holds her leg and asks him that he was drunk that night where Pankaj said he didn’t do anything with her Where Kanak goes to tell everyone where Pankaj stops her and asks him not to tell no one. Kanak is happy.

Anant leaves there and thinks that he does not want to leave Gehna alone. Everyone is taking care of Kanak and asking him to eat healthy, where Hema told Baa that she gave too much when Gehna was pregnant, but that she gave nothing to Kanak. Baa asks Gehna to bring the paper and bracelets where Gehna gives everything to Kanak. Kanak thinks why didn’t Gehna feel jealous Where Kanak said she felt jealous and felt bad about herself Where Gehna said this was nothing to her Where she said she wanted to get out of it and left there.
Gehna arrives at the hospital where the receptionist says to wait for her. Anant arrives at Gehna where he does not find her where Anant asks everyone where Gehna is. Rashika blames Gehna for everything Kanak said that Gehna intentionally aborted her child. Anant looks. Gehna believes that today she will know how she aborts her child.

Anant is waiting for Gehna where Baa comes to Anant and asks him to think where she said that Gehna has changed now and said that he loves her but that he doesn’t know why Gehna’s behavior has changed. Gehna arrives there where Baa asks Gehna that she doesn’t want to see Anant Sad.

Gehna arrives at Anant where Anant asks Gehna to eat first. Where Anant asks where she was. Where was Gehna and where Anant looks. Anant feeds Gehna where Gehna apologizes to Anant. Anant asks Gehna to be careful next time. Gehna watches and feeds each other.

Gehna is praying where she prays to God that she, if she knows that she gets pregnant, she apologizes to God for lying to Anant. Kanak asks him what he’s lying and asks him to share it with her. Kanak asks Gehna to cool down, while Gehna asks him to wait.

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