Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th February 2022  Written Update

Abhay Sets Fire To His House To Kill Anant, Gehna, And His Fake Family. They All Panic Seeing Smoke Outside Store Room. Gehna Asks Anant To Call Fire Brigade. Rudra Says He Left His Phone Outside And Asks Her To Get Something To Break The Wall. She Gets A Hammer. He Breaks The Wall And Gets Them Out. Abhay Performs Their Shanti Pooja At A River Bank Thinking Them As Dead And Acts In Front Of Pandit That He Lost His Whole Family And Cannot Live Without Kajal. He Notices Tracker Moving And Stands Up Angrily. Pandit Says He Cannot Go Between Pooja. He Says They Are Not Yet Dead, Spoils Haven Kund, And Drives His Car Away.

Anant With Gehna And Others Reaches Police Station And Shows Abhay’s Video To Inspector. Inspector Apologizes For Not Believing Him Before And Says Abhay Is Very Dangerous. Anant Discusses About Mental Health Issues. Inspector Them For Their Bravery. They Give Credit To Gehna For Rescuing Them From Abhay. Inspector Assures That He Will Catch Abhay Soon. Gehna Decides To Help Him. Abhay Tracks Gehna In A Garden And Finds Her Sitting Under A Tree And Crying. Gehna Says She Made A Mistake By Trusting Anant And Not Him. Constables Arrest Him. Gehna Says He Is Criminal Who Can Risk Others’ Lives For His Life. Abhay Says She Played A Nice Drama, But Cannot Catch Him. He Tries To Escape. Anant Grabs Him And Gets Him Arrested.

Gehna And Anant Reunite Abhay’s Fake Mother, Priya, And Rohan With Their Families. He Then Takes Her Home Where Baa Stops Her At Door. He Says Mom Wants To Perform Her Aarti. Baa Says Gehna Cannot Enter This House As She Stayed At A Stranger’s House And Doubts Her Character. Anant Asks What Is She Saying. Gehna Questions Baa If She Would Have Questioned If Her Son Would Have Stayed Outside. Tia Backs Her. Kanak Asks Her Not To Interfere Between Elders. Gehna Assures Baa That She Is Clean. Rasika Says They Will Not Trust Her Without Proof. Anant Says Trust Doesn’t Need Any Proof. Baa Says She Is His Mother And More Experienced Than Her. Rasika Says Society And Media Will Question Them. Gehna Says Respect Is Gained By Them And Not Forced. Baa Says Her Decision Is Final, Gehna Cannot Stay In Her House. Anant Says He Will Also Go With Gehna As He Completely Trusts Her. Pankaj Thinks He Is Doing Wrong By Trusting A Woman. Baa Emotionally Blackmails Anant That He Is Nothing Thinking About His Parents And Siblings And Will Repent Later For Not Listening To Her. Their Discussion Continues. Bapuji Says Nobody Will Go From Here And Asks Anant And Gehna To Get In. Baa Says Her Decision Is Final And Gehna Cannot Enter This House.

Precap: Anant Clashes With Gehna And Her Sindhoor Box Falls Down. She Says Its Inauspicious. Abhay Provokes Anant That He Cannot Forget Gehna As He Was Very Close To Her. Anant Questions Gehna.

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