Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd January 2022 Written Update

Gehna Comes To The Place Where She Can Enjoy Where She Calls Anant And Said That This Is So Nice Place Where Anant Asks Her To Enjoy And Said That He Will Reach At There In Sometime. Gehna Sees A Child And Asks Her To Stop Where Gehna Saves A Child. She Asks Her That Whom She Is With, The Child Shows To Someone Where Gehna Starts Shouting At Him Where The Child Goes To Her Mother And Looks On. Abhay Said That He Is Not Her Mother. Abhay Said That She Scolds Too Much. Gehna Said That She Gets Emotional When She Saw Child. Abhay Said That She Is Gynaecologist And Asks Her To Share Ut With Him.

Hema Is Tensed And Asks Kanak To Tell About Her Plan Where Kanak Told Her That She Bribe The Doctor And Asks Him To Say That Gehna Can’t Be Pregnant Again Where Kanak Said That That’s Why She Is Tensed. Kanak Asks Hema To Keep An Eye On Gehna Where Pankaj Comes There And Ignore Kanak. Kanak Comes To Pankaj And Asks Him To Give Her One More Chance Where Pankaj Said That He Is Fine Where Kanak Said That He Will Do It And Looks On.

Gehna Told Everything To Abhay Where Abhay Asks Her To Come At His Hospital And Said That He Will Check Her Where He Asks Her To Bring Anant With Her Where Gehna Said That She Will Come Alone Where Abhay Praises Gehna And Said That Today Women Accept Herself And Move On But She Fight For Herself. Anant Comes To Gehna And Sees Her Talking To Someone. Anant Thinks That Gehna Made Friend So Fast. Gehna Comes With Anant Where Anant Asks Gehna That How Was Her Day Where Gehna Lied To Anant Where Anant Gets Romantic With Gehna.

Everyone Is Happy For Kanak Where Tiya Gives Sweets To Them Where Baa Gets Emotional And Said That She Is Saying True. Kanak Said That She Is Sure Where Gehna Congratulates Kanak Where Kanak Thinks That Gehna Is Feeling Bad Where Gehna Is About To Put Kajal Where Rashika Stops Her And Said That She Is Ill Fated Where Gehna Said That Today Everything Has Changed Where Gehna Makes Her Understand That Everything Has Changed Now Where Baa Asks Gehna To Stay Away From Kanak. Anant Gets Angry And Asks Them Not To Blame Gehna Where Anant Asks Her To Come With Him. Pankaj Comes And Gets Shocked To Know That Kanak Is Pregnant.

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