Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th December 2021 Written Update

Doctor Treats Gehna While Anant Watches From Outside. Baa Prays God To Protect Gehna. Doctor Comes Out And Informs Anant That He Couldn’t Save Gehna’s Baby. Kanak Smirks And Thanks God For Fulfilling Her Wish While Family Is Shocked To Hear That. Baa Asks Doctor If Gehna Is Fine. Doctor Informs That Gehna Cannot Become A Mother Again In Life. Anant Says Its Impossible. Doctor Says Gehna’s Uterus Is Completely Damaged Due To Some Accident Or Wrong Food. Pankaj Consoles Anant Saying They Will Consult US Doctors And Get Gehna Treated. Doctor Says They Can Take Second Opinion, Get Her Discharged And Take Good Care Of Her At Home. Anant Requests Family Not To Inform Gehna About This Bad News. Kanak Says Gehna Will Be Shattered To Hear She Cannot Become Pregnant Again And Will Die In Sorrow. Next Morning, Gehna Wakes Up And Hopes To See Her Baby Soon During Her Ultrasonography. Anant Says Their Baby.. Gehna Sees Baby Pics Missing From Wall And Asks Why Did He Remove Them. Anant Informs That Their Baby Is Gone. Gehna Shatters Hearing That. Anant Tries To Console Her.

Baa Is Busy Reciting Holy Scripture When Rasika Walks To Her And Says Gehna Cannot Become A Mother, But Anant Can Become A Father; They Shouldn’t Wait Till People Start Talking Ill About Desai Family And Should Get Anant Remarried. Baa Asks If She Is In Her Senses, Anant Immensely Loves Gehna, Gehna Is Their Bahu And Beti Of This House And Nobody Will Agree. Rasika Says She Said What She Felt Right And Walks Way From There.

Hema Notices Kanak Already Finishing Cooking And Cleaning Dishes And Asks If She Is Dreaming. Kanak Says Its Her Last Day To Serve Servant Gehna And There Will Be A New Beginning Tomorrow. Hema Asks If She Is Behind Gehna’s Abortion. Kanak Agrees And Says She Did It For Their Better Life. Hema Panics And Says She Didn’t Ask Her To Do So, Kanak Is Habituated To Go To Jail Often, But She Doesn’t Want To. Kanak Says Hema Will Go To Jail As She Served Juice To Gehna, So She Should Keep Her Mouth Shut.

Anant Returns From Work And Tries To Cheer Up Gehna With His Office Joke. She Sits Sadly. He Says Thy Can Have A Candle Light Dinner At Home And Enjoy A Date. She Gets Up To Get Dinner To Their Room. He Notices Her Hand Bleeding And Rushes To Get First-Aid Box. She Thinks This Pain Is Nothing In Front Of What She Lost, How Can God Do This Injustice To Her, Etc. Anant Also Breaks Down. Bapuji Consoles Him And Says In His Childhood, Whenever He Used To Cry, People Used To Say Boys Never Cry, But Even Boys Feel Pain And Can Cry; He Should Cry Hugging His Dad As He Is Still A Kid To Him. Anant Cries Vigorously Hugging Him. Baa Notices Them.

Next Morning, Gehna Serves Tea To Baa And Rasika. Rasika Says Kanak Already Served Them Tea. Gehna Sees Baa’s Condition And Apologizes Her For Breaking Family’s Dream; Says When She Has Given Her Pain, She Will Get Back Happiness. Rasika Asks How Will She When Her.. Baa Stops Her And Asks Gehna To Leave. Rasika Orders Gehna To Dry Papad On Terrace And Send Anant To Baa’s Room. Anant Meets Baa And Says She Need Not Worry As Everything Will Be Alright. Rasika Ask How Will It Be Without A Baby. Anant Says Where There Is Love. She Warns Him Not To Lecture Him On Love As Marriage Is Incomplete Without A Baby. Baa Says She Feels Sad For Gehna, But They Can Do Something To Get Back Family’s Happiness. Rasika Asks Him To Check Girl’s Pics And Select One For Remarriage. Anant Feels Shocked Hearing That.

Precap: Gehna Confronts Anant For Hiding Such A Big Secret From Her. He Says Situation Was In Their Favor And He Didn’t Want To Lose Her. Shew Says When Hope Is Lost, A Person Loses Hope In Life.

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