Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th December 2021 Written Update

Gehna Is In Hospital Where The Doctor Comes To Anant And Asks Him That Gehna’s Baby Is No More Where Baa Asks Him That Gehna Will Become Pregnant Where The Doctor Said That Gehna Eats Something That Damage Her Uterus And Can’t Be Pregnant Again Where Praful Said That He Will Call Best Doctor From USA Where Anant Is Broken. Kanak Gets Happy And Thinks That This Clear Her Road From Everything. Hema Looks At Kanak And Looks On. Anant Is Worried.

Gehna Wakes Up And Gets Scared Where Anant Comes To Her Where Gehna Says That She Wants To See Her Baby Where She Sees The Stuffs And Asks Him That Why He Removed Everything Where Anant Told Her That Her Baby Is No More Where Gehna Starts Crying And Breaks Down Where Anant Consoles Her. She Blames Herself Where Anant Says That She Didn’t Do Anything Wrong.

Baa Prays To God Where Rashika Comes To Baa And Said That What Did They Do Wrong Where Rashika Says That Anant Can Become Father Again And Asks Baa To Marry Anant Again To Someone Where Baa Said That Gehna Is Important For This Family And She Is Not Thing That Can Be Replaced Where Baa Says That Gehna Is Her Daughter And Anant Loves Her So Much.

Hema Comes To Kitchen And Sees Everything Is Cooked Already Where She Gets Happy That She Doesn’t Have To Do Anything Where Kanak Said That She Is Happy Where Hema Asks That She Did It With Gehna Where Kanak Said That She Did This But How Can She Prove That She Is Guilty Where Kanak Said To Hema That She Will Told Everyone That She Did This. Hema Said That She Doesn’t Want To Go Jail Where She Said That She Doesn’t Know Anything Where Hema Gets Scared.

Anant Comes To Gehna And Try To Make Her Laugh Where Gehna Is Broken And Didn’t Say Anything Where Anant Sees Gehna Injured Where Anant Comes To The Terrace Where He Cried And Gets Angry That Why God Did This To Them Where Praful Console Anant And Asks Him To Cry.

Gehna Comes To Baa And Gives Her Tea Where Rashika Taunts Gehna That She Is Late Where Rashika Is About To Say The Truth But Baa Stops Her. Rashika Told Gehna To Send Anant In Baa’s Room Where Anant Comes In Baa Room And Asks What Happened. Rashika Shows Some Photos To Anant And Asks Her To Choose One Girl And Makes Him Understand The He Should Marry Agaim. Anant Refused To Marry Again.

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