Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd December 2021 Written Update

Episode begins with Gehna tells Swara that the latter has to go to jail because she lost it. Anant tells Swara that she must be wondering that what happened when everything was going on according to her plan so he will clear her confusion. He reveals that how he saw Gehna’s warning message which stated that something is wrong with cake. He tells her that he ordered another cake so no one ate her poison cake. Kanak recalls that how she exchanged the cakes. She tells Pankaj that this is his Swara’s true face.javascript:false

Swara tells him that they are trying to trap her and asks him that don’t he believe her. He asks her that how can he believe her after seeing all this. He regrets for marrying her. He tells her that he thought he finally found someone who loves him but she also betrayed him. He apologizes to Anant and Gehna for going against them. Gehna tells him that it was not his mistake because he just trusted Swara. Jamuna slaps Swara and lashes out at her. Swara asks her to not give lecture. Kusum also blames Swara. Police inspector tells Swara that they are going to arrest her. Swara takes knife and threatens to commit suicide. She tries to escape from there but Gehna stops her.

Police inspector arrests Swara. Anant shows Swara’s confession video to Police inspector. She tells Gehna that the latter also has to go with her. Kusum is about to tell the truth but Pankaj interrupts saying that no one attacked him that night and it was just an accident so he withdraw the case. Police inspector tells Gehna that she has to come to police station to complete the procedure.

Kanak apologizes to Pankaj. He tells her that Swara did wrong but that’s not mean that he forgot what the latter did. She tells him that still they are husband and wife. He tells her that he needs time and leaves from there. Jamuna tells Kanak that the latter hurted everyone especially Pankaj so it won’t be easy to win his trust. Kanak tells her that she will win everyone’s trust.

Kusum packs her luggage and decides to leave the house. Gehna and Anant returns from police station. Jamuna and Praful gets happy seeing Gehna and hugs her. Kusum sees that and moves towards the gate. Gehna stops her. Kusum tells her that everything happened because of her and she deserves to go to jail. Gehna tells her that it was not the latter’s mistake. Kusum apologizes to everyone. She asks Anant to take care of Gehna and leaves from there.

Kanak overhears their conversation and tells herself that Gehna did mistake by bringing her family to Desai house still Desai’s forgave Gehna but not her. Next day, Anant and Gehna leaves for temple. Gehna recalls that how Jamuna asked them to plan for a baby.

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