Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd February 2022 Written Update

Episode begins with Kamya apologizes to Dadi. Dadi asks her that why the latter removed the bangles. Kamya lies to her that she is allergic to jewels that’s why. Dadi asks her about Vermillion. Kabir tells her that, that won’t suit with Kamya’s modern outfit. He confirms that he will get aloo paratha for breakfast. Later, Kamya enters the room and kicks Kabir out of the bed. She tells him that they are acting and how can he even think that she will share a bed with him.

He tells her that she should not have kicked him and asks her that what she want to do now. She gives pillow to him and asks him to sleep on the sofa. He goes to the sofa and lays down on it. She wonders that why he agreed easily. She stops him from switch off the light and he agrees with it also. She asks him that what happened and why he is not reacting. He asks her that what’s her problem and why she is not sharing her problem with him and he leaves the room. He recalls about her words. He tells himself that he is not able to digest that she was someone else’s wife. He asks God that he is not understanding that how he is going to help her.

On the other hand, Sikandar chops goon’s another finger. Arjun tells him that Kamya is really lucky. Sikandar attacks him. Suhani stops him and asks him to calm down. She tells him to leave Kamya because they got their bag. He tells her that he murdered Anant. Arjun tells her that Kamya should not know about it. Sikandar tells her that he changed his plan and now Kamya has to stay alive.

Next day, Kabir asks Kamya to call Sardaarji. Lovely informs Kamya that her husband is not at home. Kamya helps Kabir to tie the rope of his kurta ( Title song plays in the background ). He thanks her for the help and leaves the room.

Sardaarji tells Kabir to celebrate Valentine’s day with Kamya. Kabir tells him that he can’t propose her today. After some time, Lovely takes Kamya to the venue. Host welcomes the couples. Kamya says that she is stuck there because of Kabir’s lie. He asks her to not forget that goons still chasing her.

Host announces that love of test games going to begin. He asks them that what is the important thing in relationship. Kamya says that trust and understanding. He agrees with her. He announces paper dance. Kabir and Kamya dances and they reaches next round. Host announces that next game will check the trust they have on their partners. He says that girls have to fall down blindfold by trusting their partners. Kamya thinks that Kabir won’t let her fall down and ties a piece of cloth to cover her eyes.

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