Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd December 2021 Written Update

Episode begins with Gehna asks Swara that how can she stoop this low that she is ready to kill people for money. Swara tells her that power and money matters the most. Kusum tells her that everything is her mistake and asks her to stop all this. Swara tells her that the latter is keep changing sides. She reminds her that Gehna was her enemy till yesterday. Gehna tries to escape from there with Kusum but goons catches them. Swara orders goons to tie Gehna and Kusum. Gehna tells her that she won’t let her succeed in the plan.

On the other hand, Anand and Kanak gets worried for Gehna. He tells her that he is feeling like something bad going to happen. She tells him that he don’t know that where is Gehna now so how he is going to find her. He tells her that Swara knows Gehna’s whereabouts and he leaves from there. He asks Swara about Gehna. She tells him that Gehna is with Kusum. He tells her that he won’t leave her if anything happens to Gehna then. He hopes that Gehna is safe. Kanak overhears their conversation.

Meanwhile, Kusum asks Gehna that why she came. Gehna tells her that the latter is also her family and she has to save her family no matter what. They escapes from there. Swara thanks Desai’s for joining to celebrate her birthday. She performs puja.

Gehna and Kusum reaches Desai house and notices constables outside house. Kusum goes to them to divert them and Gehna tries to enter the house using that chance but one of the constable catches her. Gehna pleads them saying that her family’s life in danger so let her go inside the house.

Pankaj tells Swara that he planned a surprise for her and brings cake for her. She thanks him. She asks Praful and Jamuna to not leave until she cuts the cake. Jamuna talks about Gehna. Pankaj asks her to not ruin Swara’s birthday for Gehna. Swara cuts the cake and feeds him. She sees others eating cake and thinks that now everyone will die.

Lady constables comes there and tries to take Gehna with them. But Gehna enters the house and finds Desai’s in unconscious state. She asks them to wake up and cries. Swara tells her that Gehna will be blamed for Desai’s death and smiles. She tells her that she already told her that she will snatch everything from her. She hurts her hand and screams for help.

Police inspector enters the house. Swara accuses Gehna. Kusum tells Police inspector that Swara lying. Swara asks her that why the latter trying to save Gehna. Gehna laughs. Swara tells them that Gehna became mad. Desai’s wakes up which shocks Swara. Gehna tells Swara that the latter’s game is over now.

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