Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 21st December 2021 Written Update

Episode begins with Gehna tells Anant that Swara challenged her and Swara can do anything with Desai’s so they should watch her each and every actions. Kanak tells her that she heard that Swara asked Hema to cook lot of food so she will go to kitchen and will try to find out the matter and leaves the room. Anant tells Gehna that Swara is cunning person and she can do anything. They sees Swara receiving one pocket hiding from everyone. Swara hides that pocket in her cupboard. Anant moves towards Swara’s room to find out that pocket. But Pankaj takes him to Praful’s room saying that he want to talk about Gehna.

In the kitchen, Hema complains about Swara to Kanak. Swara brings two helpers and asks Hema to get some rest saying that helpers will do the cooking. Hema gets happy hearing her. Kanak asks Swara that why she is cooking so much food. Swara tells her that she gives food to orphanage kids on her birthday. Kanak taunts her saying that it’s hard to believe that the latter does charity. Swara asks her to not trouble her and orders helpers to cook. Gehna enters Swara’s room and starts searching. She finds that pocket and sees rope, knife and white powder in that pocket. She hides hearing footsteps. Swara enters the room and calls someone and asks that person to not let Kusum escape and she leaves the room.

Gehna informs Anant and Kanak that what she saw in that pocket. Kanak tells them about Swara’s orphanage plan. Gehna reveals that Kusum is in Swara’s custody and they has to save her. She hides in Swara’s car dicky. Swara drives the car and reaches the godown. Gehna diverts goons and enters the godown. Swara goes to Kusum and tells her that she brought food for her. She says to her that she won’t untie her hand. She feeds her forcefully but the latter refuses to eat. She asks her that why the latter behaving like this and she didn’t mix poison in her food. She tells her that she can give poison to Desai’s because she is tired of acting like good daughter in law in front of Desai’s. Kusum asks her to not do anything like that. Swara leaves from there.

Gehna sees everything and unties Kusum. Kusum asks her to leave from there saying that, that’s a dangerous place. Gehna refuses to listen her. Kusum recalls that how she treated Gehna when she was child. Swara returns and tells Gehna that she never thought the latter is this much dumb. She reveals that she saw Gehna in her room. She informs Gehna that, that white powder is poison and she is planning to mix it in Desai’s food.

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