Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16th March 2022 Written Update

Episode begins with Guruji says that Desai’s should stay alert otherwise they may lose many things. Gehna says that it looks like there is no happy married life in her fate. Jamuna asks her to not say like that. She ties red thread on Gehna’s hand. She says that she trust the God and she knows that God will protect Gehna. She vows to keep fast until Gehna gets married. Gehna tells her that she loves her. Priest gives prasad to them. Hema asks Kanak that what the latter thinking about. Kanak tells her that Guruji informed them about problems so she is planning to create problems.

Gehna and Desai’s returns home. They notices that the door lock is open already. They enters the home and finds the locker empty. Jamuna tells Praful that jewels and cash missing. Gehna notices that a mask person escaping from her home. She tries to catch him but Arjun hits her head from behind. She faints. Surya asks Arjun that why he hit Gehna. He says that if anything happened to Gehna then he can’t get his revenge. He burns the jewels and cash which he stole from Gehna’s home. Arjun asks him that what is the latter’s plan.

Surya picks the unconscious Gehna and enters Gehna’s home. Jamuna asks him that what happened to Gehna. She sprinkle water on Gehna’s face. Surya says that he got afraid seeing Gehna in this state. Gehna gains her consciousness. Praful says that from tomorrow marriage rituals will begin and how he is going to arrange everything. Kanak suggests to cancel the marriage. Surya says that this marriage will happen. He assures Praful that he will arrange everything. Gehna suggests court marriage. He tells her that she has to wear jewels for Praful and Jamuna’s happiness and leaves from there.

Gehna thanks him. He asks her to kiss him three times if she want to thank him then. He tells her that he got her after doing so much and he can’t afford to lose her. She asks him that what he would have done if that theif kidnapped her. He tells her that she belongs to him and no one can snatch her from him. She says that Surya is filmy and goes inside. He says that Gehna thinks that he is a filmy hero but in real he is the villain in her life.

Next day, Surya gives money to Pankaj. He arranges everything. Suhani asks him to not forget that it’s his haldi day too so he should get ready. Praful praises Suhani’s upbringing.

Gehna gets ready for haldi ceremony. Surya helps her to get ready ( Ang laga de song plays in the background ). She asks him that what is he doing. He tells her that he can do anything. She challenges him to apply haldi on her first.

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