Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st February 2022 Written Update

Abhay threatens Gehna/Kajal and says that his Kajal never makes a mistake and what to do if someone makes a mistake. Mother tries to save Gehna and asks Abhay to forgive Kajal. Abhay says that Kajal has made it a sin not to have medicines and asks mother if she has not had her medicines too. Mother nervously says she was on her meds. Abhay says that Kajal should be punished for her sin. Priya prevents Anant from confronting Abhay. Anant says he cannot see Abhay torture Gehna. She hits his head from behind, and he falls unconscious. Abhay digs a hole in the ground and asks Gehna/Kajal to jump in, he will fill it. Mother fears that he will kill Gehna and asks Priya about Anant. Priya says he can’t come. Abhay pushes Gehna into the well and asks her to lie down. Gehna asks who will take care of Rohan when she dies. Mother begs to spare Kajal. Abhay warns her not to interfere and says that Kajal always obeyed him, but that she is not and cannot be Kajal. Mother begs him to listen to his mother once and scolds Gehna that she will punish her before her son if she makes another mistake. Gehna says she won’t. Abhay walks away. Priya gets scared and says that Abhay is a monster and will kill them all, so Gehna has to save them all.

Mother comforts Gehna. Rohan offers her water. Gehna says that she will cry or become afraid of Anant and that they should all fight him together. Anant walks up to her and asks if she is okay. She asks what he is doing here. He asks if Abhay has done anything. Gehna says no and asks him to go before Abhay sees him. Anant asks Priya why she hit him. She says that if she hadn’t hit him, he would have gone to Abhay’s room. He says he is not afraid of Abhay and says he will take them all from here. Gehnaa says Abhay has fixed trackers on doors and windows and their hands and can easily see if they come out; they need to get evidence against him and make sure he doesn’t ruin someone else’s life.

Abhay practices expressing his anger, takes gun and knife from his closet and feels he should now punish Anant and even Kajal; then thinks he must somehow change Kajal and takes a psychotropic shot to calm himself. Gehna tells Anant that they must carry out their plan carefully. Lights go out. Priya says Abhay must have done it to get to Anant, as he knows Anant is hiding somewhere nearby. Anant tells Gehna that he will hide in the storage room and asks to call him if Abhay does anything. Abhay notices that the power is off and goes to the storage room to get a toolbox to fix the electrical fuse. Anant hides to notice. Abhay is given a toolbox and sees wig and sari and realizes that Anant has entered the house disguised as a eunuch. He fixes the fuse and calls Gehna into the living room.

Gehna asks family to remember their plan and walks into the living room. Abhay says they all came, he wants to show them a magic. Mother asks what kind of magic. He points the gun at Gehna. Mother asks why he punishes Kajal without fail. Rohan begs to spare his mama. Abhay says he will release his mother after the magic is over and warns him to go back. He then calls Anant to come out and rescue Kajal.

Precap: Anant rescues Gehna and others and reaches the police station. Inspector says they have done their job and now it’s his turn, Abhay thinks they are all dead and will relax, he will get Abhay soon. Abhay performs pooja at a ghat.

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