Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th January 2022 Written Update

Gehna has a burst of anger due to the injection Dr. Abhay gave her when Anant tries to be intimate with her and attacks him with a vase. She realizes her mistake and locks herself in the bathroom wondering how she can attack Anantji. The family rushes upon hearing a sound. Rasika asks if something is wrong here. Gehna calls Dr. Abhay and says that she doesn’t know what is happening to her, she feels suffocated and is behaving strangely. Abhay thinks that he wanted her to behave strangely to get her back / Kajal and says that he shouldn’t worry about her because it is a hormonal imbalance due to her treatment and asks what exactly happened. She says that with her advice, he did not let Anant get close to her and then had a burst of anger. He says that she doesn’t need to worry like normal. Anant tells the family that she hit her hand against the mirror by mistake and that the vase broke when the broken piece of the mirror hit the vase. Rasika asks him if he’s sure. Anant says yes. Baa asks where Gehna is. Anant says that she is in the bathroom. Kanak believes his plan to separate them is working. Baa takes the family.

Anant knocks on the bathroom door and asks Gehna to come out and talk to him and walks away from her when she doesn’t immediately. Gehna opens the door and cries to find that Anant has already left. Anant drives a car remembering Gehna’s bad behavior and Baa’s warning that Gehna has changed. She escapes from a horrible accident and crashes her car into a wall. Dr. Abhay stops her car and asks if it’s okay, his car looks damaged so he drops it somewhere. Anant says he’s fine. Abhay asks if he was trying to commit suicide after a fight with her wife, even he has been through this situation and depression and came out of it valuing her life so even he should go home and move on. Anant says that he is not weak to feel defeated by life and commit suicide, he introduces himself. Abhay also introduces himself. Anant gets in his car and tries to start it, but fails. Abhay says that maybe fate wanted them to become friends, so he will leave him.

Gehna waits for Anant at dinner. Baa, feeling it, reminds her that Anant has already reported on her meeting and finished dinner with the client. Rasika yells at him for putting less salt in his food. Kanak backs her up and yells next. Gehna gets angry and mixes a handful of salt on everyone’s plate, leaving everyone shocked. Anant asks Abhay how he found out that his wife was cheating on him. He says she used to get inopportune phone calls, she used to get out of it by making weird excuses, she was behaving strangely and all of this didn’t bother her. Anant recalls that Gehna behaved similarly. Baa hopes that Anant will tell him what his wife did. Anant returns very drunk and says that he doesn’t want to hear anything. Bapuji gets angry to see him drunk. Rasika says that she should blame Gehna for Anant’s condition. Anant asks everyone to go to sleep. Bapuji asks what is going on between him and Gehna that forced him to drink, Gehna is emotionally unstable and needs her help. Baa blames Gehna for Anant’s situation and curses her. Rasika backs her up. Anant walks away. Bapuji feels bad seeing Anant and Gehna’s behavior.

Gehna thinks that she can’t upset everyone for her happiness and she should report everything to Anant. Anant enters. She takes off his shoes and explains the whole story, but Anant, very drunk, is not in her right mind to answer. She makes him lie down on the bed and sleeps holding his hand, worried about him.

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