Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th February 2022 Written Update

Kamvya/Gehna angrily enters the Kabir room and hears him singing hoarsely and finds him bathed in a bathtub. He steps out of the bath and says she showed attitude since the morning and couldn’t resist watching him bathe. She says she came to stop his cheap singing and found his bathroom door open. He says it is his home and his dominion and sings again. Geyser short circuits and power goes out. She says even geyser couldn’t handle his singing. He warns her to shut up and runs to the switchboard when she sees sparks and smashes his hand with a stick to avoid being electrocuted. He calls out. She shows him sparks from the switchboard. He says he doesn’t know how to fix it. She fixes the switchboard and the power returns. He says he’s surprised she knows all this. She says that a lonely woman has to learn everything. He says he sees another person who is full of talent and mystery. She says it’s better for him if he stays away from her.

She slips and they both fall into the bathtub. Their eyes close. Saath Nibhana is playing in the background. He says he controlled himself, how will she control herself. She gets angry and asks what is wrong with him. He asks what is wrong with her, she came in his bathroom and then in the bathroom, she mustn’t abuse his decency. She warns him to keep the dialogues for his girlfriends and not hers and walks away. He thinks he should dive into her deep eyes.

Sikandar looks at Kamya’s photo and thinks that the more she runs away, the more fun he will find to find her and get his bag back; he will find her wherever she hides in Mumbai. The next morning, Gehna is walking downstairs, longing for tea when she hears the landline ring and family members call, but when they don’t respond, she picks the call. Caller asks her to let him talk to Surya. Kabir walks towards her with his mother. She apologizes to mom and says because no one was around, she called; caller asks for some Surya. Mother says wrong number, hangs up and walks away. Kamya sneezes followed by Kabir. Daada and Daadi taunt them and they nervously walk away. A courier boy delivers a package for Surya. Garima holds it aside and walks away. Gehna looks at it and thinks who Surya is and why his family is hiding him. Sikandar is disgusted by his executioners for not having found Gehna for six months and whips them with their tongues. His assistant Arjun says he will find her with her bag within six days. Another assistant informs that Mehra has come. Arjun asks Sikandar not to worry as he will handle Mehra. He says that if the truth comes out, it would be bad for Kabir.

Kamya investigates Anant’s killer and finds a lead in a Cares charitable foundation. She calls the office acting as a journalist and asks to arrange an interview with the 3 founders, she knows 2 investors and wants to know more about the 3rd investor. Receptionist says 3rd investor won’t reveal her identity. Kamya believes there is a deep connection between Anant’s murder and the third investor. Arjun enters and meets Mother. Mother blesses him and asks about Sikandar. He says nothing will happen to Sikandar until he gets there. Garima cheerfully runs up to him and hugs him and reveals that she is his wife and asks why he is not paying attention to her along with Sikandar. He says he’s back for her. After she’s gone, Mother asks how Sikandar’s work is going. He says they have to transport new shipments across the border through the Cares Foundation, as she is the secret founder. She grins and asks if she can hide the shipment in lunch boxes.

Garima calls Arjun and he walks to the room as Kamya walks downstairs and bends over to get her key. Arjun sees her from behind and asks mother who she is. Mother says Arjun’s friend and walks away. Kamya remembers Surya’s package and tries to check it when Kabir walks up to her and smashes their head in. Their nok jhok starts again.

Precap: Sikandar’s goon tries to get Gehna/Kamya’s bag and tells Sikandar that the girl he is looking for is in his own house. Sikandar plans to visit Mumbai.

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