Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 9th March 2022 Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Sikander’s men come to the control room. Gehna hides under the table. The goons do not see anyone so they leave from there. While Gehna sees that all the files have been transferred. She gets happy seeing this and says that now everything will be fine. Here Surya gets worried about Gehna. On the other hand, Jamuna and Praful ask Dr that if Gehna will get well soon.

He says yes. Further, Jamuna and Praful get angry with her. Gehna apologizes to them and says that from today onwards she will not go anywhere without informing them. They forgive her. Kanak brings turmeric milk for Gehna. Jamuna asks her to make a Kada for Gehna. Kanak gets angry. While Jamuna takes her to the kitchen. Praful asks Gehna if she has got evidence. She answers yes.

Praful asks her to promise him that from today onwards she will not risk her life. Gehna promises him. Next, she watches the video on the laptop. She sees that Anant wanted to kill her. She is shocked to see this. She asks Praful why Anant wanted to do this. Praful apologizes to her while Gehna leaves from there feeling sad. Here Surya asks the inspector whether his lawyer spoke to him.

He refuses and says that if he wants another lawyer to fight his case, then he should tell them. Surya says that by tomorrow morning his lawyer will come to the court. While the inspector tells him that since his case is open and shut, his lawyer has run away but Surya is convinced that Gehna can never do that. On the other hand, Gehna is crying. She wonders why Anant hated her so much.

She thinks that now even if she wins this case, she will not get anything because the man for whom she was doing so much did not trust her. Further, Praful comes to her and apologizes to her. Gehna adds that they should not tell this to Jamuna or else her health will deteriorate. Praful understands her point. Gehna says that she will ensure that Surya gets justice.

The next morning Kanak asks Hema to remove some papers from Kanak’s file. So that Gehna loses the case. While Gehna comes down. Jamuna gives her prasad. Hema is about to take out the paper but Gehna notices her. She asks her what she is doing with her file. Hema says that she was not going to steal. Kanak thinks that Hema will mess up everything. Next, she tries to handle the matter. While Gehna learns that Hema stole the papers from her file. So she asks her to give the papers. Hema gets nervous and gives the papers.

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