Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 24th March 2022 Written Update

Episode begins with Dadi switch off the light of the godown. Gehna gets afraid seeing rat and she falls on Surya. He asks her to get up but her hair stuck on his shirt so he removes it. On the other hand, Suhani asks Sarika that if the latter saw Gehna. Sarika tells her that Gehna must be in the kitchen. Kanak tells Suhani that Surya is missing too.

Surya removes his shirt. Gehna tells him that he can’t take off his clothes because she is there. He stares her and moves towards her. She asks him to stay away from her or else she will hit him. He picks her and takes her to window and asks her that can she see anyone. She asks him to push little more then only she can reach the window. She says that seems like his bones are weak. He drops her by mistake and she winces in pain. He picks her and they shares an eye lock.

Suhani asks Dadi that if the latter saw Gehna and Surya. Dadi acts like she doesn’t know anything. She tells her that they are newly married so let them spend their alone time. Suhani asks her that how can she concentrate on the puja when Gehna and Surya are missing. Praful asks her to not worry and they will look for them. Dada says that they are in the godown only.

Surya comes there with Gehna. Suhani scolds them. Surya tells Suhani that someone locked them in the godown. She tells him that she don’t trust him now. Jamuna tells her that they should be glad that Surya and Gehna returned. Kanak tells Suhani that if the latter doesn’t do anything then Gehna will win everyone’s heart and leaves from there. Suhani follows her and makes her fall. Everyone gets worried for Kanak. Jamuna asks Kanak to get up. Kanak tells her that she could not get up. Jamuna tells Praful that they should take Kanak home. Suhani says that let Kanak stay there. She asks Sarika and Arjun to help Kanak to get up. She murmurs to Kanak that now the latter can stay there. She thinks that she won’t let Gehna win no matter what.

Kanak says that it hurts a lot and screams in pain. She says that she can’t walk. Suhani tells them that Gehna will like it if Kanak stayed there then. Kanak asks Jamuna and Praful to not worry about her. Praful and Jamuna leaves from there.

Later, Gehna requests Surya to treat her as his wife in front of Kanak. Because she don’t want Praful and Jamuna to know the truth. He tells her that she must do something for him. She massages his legs. He tells her to not climb on his bed. She falls asleep while massaging him.

Next day, Surya wakes up and finds Gehna beside him. Suhani throws water at them. She yells at Gehna for not waking up early to do household chores and leaves from there. Sarika brings Kanak to dining table. Dada says that they are going for family outing. Surya mistreats Gehna in front of Kanak. She reminds him that he promised her yesterday. He tells her that promises are meant to be broken. He asks her to serve everyone.

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