Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 23rd March 2022 Written Update

Episode begins with Hema praises Surya’s house. Gehna comes downstairs. Surya gets mesmerized seeing Gehna. He moves towards her and forwards his hand ( Title song plays in the background ). She holds his hand and walks with him. He introduces her to everyone as his wife. He announces that they kept this puja for her ‘muhdikayi’. And he want to gift her something special on this special occasion. He gifts diamond necklace to her and makes her wear it. He murmurs to her that he made Praful buy this diamond necklace because he knows that she cancelled the honeymoon package to save Praful’s money. She asks him that why he is dragging Praful in their matter. He tells her that she hurted his family and now she can’t even imagine that what is he going to do with her family.

Surya informs Suhani that he made Praful pay for that necklace. She praises him and leaves from there. Meanwhile, Praful tells Gehna that Surya forgot his wallet and his net banking didn’t work too that’s why he paid. Gehna is about to tell the truth to him. He receives message and informs Gehna that Surya transferred the amount. He says that they would not have got a better son in law than Surya.

Surya talks to Sikandar’s picture. He promises to him that within 15 days Sikandar will be released. On the other hand, Suhani gets worried seeing Sikandar’s picture. Gehna comes there and tells her that this diamond necklace must be expensive and she is lucky to wear it being maid. Suhani tells her that Praful paid for this necklace. Gehna taunts her and asks her that how can she believe Surya’s lie because it’s Surya who paid for this necklace.

She says that Surya don’t hate her like how he claims. She tells her that within 15 days she will change Surya’s hate into love. And she won’t let Suhani and Sikandar take advantage of Surya’s kindness and leaves from there. Kanak hears that and enters the room. She tells Suhani that it’s not easy to win against Gehna. Suhani is about to say something but Kanak interrupts and says that Surya denied to join hands with her. Kanak says that she knows the reality of Suhani and Surya. She adds that she can handle Gehna but for that she has to stay in their house.

Dada says that this ritual will prove that how much Gehna and Surya love each other. Suhani tells Gehna that they won’t succeed in this ritual. Gehna tells her that Surya loves her so much that’s why he risked his life for her. Surya hears that. He and Gehna lights the ‘diya’. Baba says that they really love each other so much.

Dadi sends Gehna and Surya to the store room to bring pillows and locks the door from outside. Surya asks Dadi to open the door but no response from other side. Gehna tries to open the door and falls on Surya. They shares an eye lock ( Title song plays in the background ).

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