Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 23rd February 2022 Written Update

Episode begins with Kamya thinks that Kabir behaving weird since yesterday and she hopes that he will catch her and he catches her ( Title song plays in the background ). Everyone claps for them. She tells him that if his drama is over then they should return to Mumbai. She is about to leave from there but she stops hearing his whistle sound. He tells shayari to her. He says that he don’t know what is love but taking care of her is love then there is love. And fighting for her is love then there is love. He goes down on his knees and confesses his love to her. Sardaarji says that this is best proposal.

Later, Kamya recalls Kabir’s confession and also how she and Kabir won best couple award. She gets up from the bed and splashes water on Kabir’s face who is sleeping. He asks her that why she is disturbing him. She asks him that how can he sleep peacefully after ruining her peace. He asks her that what he did now. She asks him that why he did proposal drama in front of everyone. He tells her that he genuinely loves her. She tells him that he should not feel for her. He asks her to say that his closeness doesn’t affect her. She tells him that he can’t love her. He tells her that she can’t stop him. He says that he just confessed his feelings and he didn’t ask for her answer. He lays down on the sofa. She leaves the room.

Lovely’s daughter tells Kabir that she knows that he and Kamya are not husband and wife so she is going to tell the truth to her parents. She says that Kamya don’t love him too. He tells her that he will prove her that Kamya loves him. Meanwhile, Kamya calls Praful and hesitates to tell him about Kabir’s confession. He tells her that he knows that she is hiding something from him. She tells him that it’s not like that and informs him that she and Kabir returning to Mumbai and disconnects the call.

Next day, Kamya makes breakfast for everyone. She tells them that they are returning to Mumbai today. Sardaarji informs them about Kabir’s accident. She runs towards the door and realises that she don’t know his location. She turns around and sees Kabir. She hugs him. Lovely’s daughter tells Kabir that he is right that Kamya loves him so much. Kabir tells them that he can read Kamya’s eyes.

Kamya slaps him and goes inside. He follows her. She asks him that how can he prank her like this. He says that if she don’t love him then why she reacted like that. She tells him that he don’t know anything about love and also about her past. He tells her that he knows about Anant which shocks her. He says that her past can’t affect his present. He tells her that he can die for her and if she can live for him again and leaves from there.

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