Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 14th March 2022 Written Update

Episode begins with Surya meets Sikandar in the jail. He informs him that he visited Gehna’s home to ask her hand for marriage. Sikandar tauntingly asks Surya to become a groom. He tells Surya to not show his face again. Surya tells him that he will get married to Gehna to take revenge on her. On the other hand, Gehna recalls Surya’s words.

Surya tells Sikandar that Gehna did mistake by putting him behind the bars so she deserves to get punishment. He adds that he chooses him over Gehna. And he is with him in this battle and hugs him. Sikandar says to Surya that he believes that wrong can’t happen with him if the latter is with him then. Surya says that Gehna have witnessed his love but now she will witness his hate. He adds that this marriage will ruin Gehna for sure.

Gehna cooks to celebrate her first success. Jamuna asks her to sit and have food. Gehna says to her that she cooked for them after so long. Gehna ignores Surya’s call. Jamuna asks her to pick the call. Gehna picks the call and scolds Surya for disturbing her. He tells her that he could not find Dadi’s medicine that’s why he called her. She tells him that it must be in the drawer. He thanks her and disconnects the call. He tells himself that sympathy card works on girls always. He says that he will make Gehna dance on his tune. Suhani tells him that she don’t want to hear Gehna’s name in the home. He asks her to get used to it.

Gehna tells Jamuna that she has to take rest because tomorrow she has photoshoot. Kanak reminds her that the latter is a Lawyer. Gehna says that photography is her passion so she can’t leave that. And she became a Lawyer because of someone else.

Suhani asks Surya that what is he planning to do. He tells her that he is going to marry Gehna. She says that he is playing well and hugs him. He asks her to start preparing for the marriage. She says to him that Gehna won’t agree for this marriage easily. He says to her that Gehna and her family has to pay for sending Sikandar to the jail.

Next day, Gehna reaches her work location. She switch on the fan which disturbs Surya’s work. They sees each other. She moves towards him ( Title song plays in the background ). She says to him that she switch on the fan and apologizes to him. He remains silent and moves from there. He helps a model during photoshoot. Gehna feels envious seeing that. He helps Gehna in her photoshoot. Later, Gehna waits for Surya so leave with him. But Surya leaves from there with model. He thinks that this formula works always.

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