Rishton Ka Manjha 9th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Love picks up the papers before Arjun or Diya can check them. He asks them to leave. They all leave. Love thinks I should have daddy’s mark on these papers soon.

In the morning, Arjun asks Diya to get ready. She says I am, just looking for my phone. Arjun says I’m ready, I don’t waste time like you girls. Diya says I’m presentable unlike you, you can’t go out like that. Arjun says I should just put on my shoes. Arjun says I only need 2 minutes. Madhuri comes there and smiles sadly at them. She says I don’t think your father will agree to make a statement against Karan. Diya says why do you think that? Madhuri watches.

Love calls his manager and says I have to see my father today so I can’t meet the investor. The manager says it’s an important meeting, you can’t miss it. Love says okay, I’ll be there.

Arjun, Diya and Madhuri meet Amitabh in prison. He says I will not make a statement against Karan. Diya says why can’t you do that? We need to prove that Karan threatened you. Arjun says we are all trying to get out of jail they are all praying for you and you just shut up? You can’t even make a statement? At least give it to us. Amitabh says you won’t understand, but I won’t make a statement. Arjun asks if he is hiding something? Amitabh says no, Karan is locked up and his mission is to get revenge on my family. If I make a statement against Karan, Khurrana will destroy me and my company. Arjun says oh my God are you still thinking about your business? You should be concerned about your family’s happiness, but you are still concerned about your business. That case landed you in this prison. Diya asks him to calm down. Arjun yells that we are doing everything we can to get him out of jail, but he just doesn’t care. Amitabh says it isn’t, I used to give more importance to business, but I regret that mistake. I’m worried about my family, but I can’t let them just destroy my business. I gave up my young age to make this business. I’ve worked hard to make this business, it’s all my hard work, so I can’t let go easily. This is my identity, so I can’t lose it. This company is like my baby so I can’t let anyone destroy it. Arjun says you have 3 sons and we all stand together then no one can destroy your business. Just trust us, we must all be united, then no one can break us. We will take care of Khhurrana, I promise nothing will happen to your business. We must share our pain as a family. Our family is uniting in this crisis, but our family is not complete without you, so just make our family complete. Here you go. Amitabh wipes his tears and tells Madhuri that I never motivated this son but today he stands up for me. I am ashamed of myself. Madhuri says he is your son, you have done everything for the family and he does the same. Arjun simply says to make a statement against Karan and give all the evidence to the police. Amitabh says ok, I’ll help you. He says there’s a blue file in my room drawer with all the evidence against Karan. Arjun nods.

Arjun, Diya and Madhuri leave the police station when Madhuri feels uneasy. Diya says we should take her to the doctor. She says I’m fine. Arjun asks Diya to go home and find the file, I will take her to the hospital.

a police officer tells Karan that Arjun has made Amitabh agree to make a statement against you. Karan says will they get back together? he calls khurrana and says what are you doing to get me out of here? Amitabh has agreed to make a statement against me and I am sure he must have some evidence against me. Kurrana says don’t worry, I’ll do something.

Diya comes home. Deepika asks where Arjun and Madhuri are? Diya says Madhuri was not feeling well, so Arjun took her to the hospital. I came back to get some papers. She comes to Amitabh’s office and finds Love there. He says what are you doing here? Diya watches.

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