Rishton Ka Manjha 7th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Diya asks Madhuri for something to eat. She says I’m worried about Amitabh, I can’t eat anything. Arjun asks her for something to eat. Madhuri says I can’t go without knowing how Amitabh is doing. Arjun says not eating is not a solution. Diya’s mother Meera arrives there and tells me to come here, sorry I didn’t inform earlier. Arjun says you’re part of the family. Meera tells Madhuri that I was just like you, but if we don’t eat, our kids don’t eat either. These kids are already worried, so we have to take care of them. Madhuri says he’s in jail because of me. Don’t worry, Meera says, even if a woman lost, a mother won. You did well to side with Arjun and your man will be out soon.

Karan is locked in a cell. He’s mad at the officers, but they don’t listen to him. Karan finds Amitabh in the same cell. He grabs it and says I will destroy you. Amitabh says I was scared before, but I’ve lost my business and honor, so I’m not scared of your threats now. Karan says you couldn’t stop your son? Amitabh says I’m glad the truth is out to the world, it’s proven that you locked up Arjun in a fake case. Amitabh says you think I don’t know you are Dr. Singh killed? Karan grabs his collar and says I won’t spare you. The inspector comes there and pulls Karan back, he takes him away from there.

Khush is talking to a journalist and says that Dad made a mistake because he was threatened by Karan. He ends the call. Niharika says daddy would be happy with your duties, but love is under pressure right now. I think you should be involved with the company, he needs you to share his responsibilities. He says you’re the best, I’ll talk to him. He leaves. Niharika grins and says I’m a good actress. She says I will check this company and Khush will help me. Diya can’t stop me now.

Meera tells Diya I don’t have the right to say anything but you are all my people so I want to say we should give people another chance. She tells Arjun that you still love your father, so give him another chance. Arjun looks on and says I have some work, he leaves. Meera tells Madhuri that everything will be fine. She says I’m going now but Niharika brings snacks, she tells you to eat something. Meera remembers having insulted her before. Niharika says I’ve changed my ways, please forgive me. I have nothing against Diya now. Niharika says we couldn’t find a better girl for Arjun. She gives her candy. Diya smiles.

Arjun drives a car and remembers that Amitabh insulted Diya and called her a thief. He remembers that Amitabh always took care of his business and not his family at all. Arjun stops the car and is stressed. He remembers begging Amitabh to take his side when Karan filed a drug case against him, but Amitabh did not help him. Arjun screams in anger.

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