Rishton Ka Manjha 5th January 2022 Written Update

Tina says here is your medicine. If you try to act smart, you will hurt yourself. They are your bad days. You went to the camp but you couldn’t play, Arjun hates you, today you tried to run but you couldn’t. Arjun saw you too, but you couldn’t get to him. Diya says that she is making a big mistake. Arjun will kill you once he finds out. I will take you to the place. Tina says you should relax. They are approximately 4 to 5 days. I’ll let you go after that. Diya says that his mission will not be completed. Tina says Arjun was mine. You came among us and I will make it mine. You burned me when you married him. I’ll make Arjun mine. My wounds still ache. You can’t see it. I live that pain every day. But you have improved so that you can see me and Arjun together. You should see how you feel when someone takes something that is yours. You will live my pain all your life. Diya says you can’t get me out of his heart. You can’t win his heart. He will never accept you. Tina says you don’t know my plan yet. He will marry me and he will regret marrying you. You should rest. He will also know the plan. Diya says what he’s going to do. Please help me God.

Scene 2
Arjun takes Pihu home and says: Get out! Pihu cries. He says don’t do this drama. You want to live in this mansion, right? Stay here. Pihu says thank you for not sending me to my parents. Please give me a chance to prove myself. I’ll fix everything. Arjun says: What will you fix? Treachery? Go and do your job. I do not want to talk to you. Get lost. He’s leaving. Arjun drinks and drives. Pihu calls Tina and tells her. She says you know what’s next, right? Tina says that God sent me this Pihu. Arjun remembers Diya saying that he has to take Arjun from badminton. He remembers how she promised to be with him forever. Arjun says Why did you do this to me, Diya? Nobody knows my pain. I thought you understood me that badminton is my life and my happiness. I was wrong. You couldn’t understand.

Scene 3
Depika asks Diya Where did you go? Madhuri says Where were you? Pihu says that Maa I made a big mistake. She shouldn’t have hurt Arjun. I thought I should take him back home. My heart was heavy. I thought I would go to all the places that he could go. He would ask her to come home. I went looking for it. Niharika says how did she get this bruise? Diya says some thugs started chasing me. I ran from there and fell. Kush says Who were they? He says they wanted to kidnap me.

Someone stops Arjun’s car. He says Who are you? Move aside. Tina tells her thugs to beat him up.
Madhuri says kidnapping? Kush says Can you recognize them? Pihu says I can’t. Mahduri says thank God that Arjun saved you. He cares about you. Dadi says that he would even help a stranger. Pihu tells Maa that he did not return. Madhuri says I’m not mad at you. You tried. I know what you have lost. You should rest in your room. She asks Depika to take her to the room and bring her milk. Pihu says I’ll go myself. I don’t want to bother you all anymore.

The thugs beat Arjun. Diya says Arjun … Why do I feel like I’m in trouble? The thugs beat up Arjun and tell Tina it’s done. Madhuri tells Dadi that you loved Diya. Can’t you feel bad for her? She says we should do Havan. I want peace in this house. I want everyone to know that Diya is the DIL of this house. She is the best girl for Arjun. I will not let them part. Diya cries and says Tina please let me go. Where is Arjun? Arjun is injured on the road. Diya prays for him, Arjun tries to get up. Diya remembers her moments with Arjun ..

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